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10 Purr-fect Career Opportunities at PetSmart That Will Make You Wag Your Tail!

Are you an animal lover looking for a career that lets you work with pets every day? Look no further than PetSmart, the leading pet retailer in North America! With a variety of roles that cater to different skills and passions, PetSmart offers more than just a job; it's a place where you can truly make a difference in the lives of pets and pet parents while building a fulfilling career.

From grooming the fluffiest dogs to guiding pet parents on the best nutrition for their furry friends, PetSmart careers are as rewarding as they are fun. Let's dive into the top career opportunities that will have you jumping for joy like a puppy at playtime!

PetSmart Store Associate

As a PetSmart Store Associate, you're the face of the company and the first point of contact for pet parents. Your role involves everything from stocking shelves to helping customers find the perfect products for their pets.

Store associates

- Engage with a community of pet lovers.

- Gain valuable retail experience.

- Enjoy a diverse range of tasks, keeping every day exciting.

Jamie L., Store Associate, says

"I've been working as a Store Associate at PetSmart for over a year, and it's been such a fulfilling experience. The team is like family, and there's nothing better than helping a pet parent find exactly what they need. Plus, I get to meet adorable pets every day!"

Pet Trainer

If you have a knack for teaching and a passion for pets, becoming a Pet Trainer at PetSmart could be your dream job. You'll be responsible for conducting training classes and helping pet parents communicate effectively with their pets.

Pet Trainers...

- Make a lasting impact on pet behavior and owner happiness.

- Receive certification through PetSmart's Accredited Training Program.

- Work in a supportive environment that encourages growth.

Marcus R. Pet Trainer, says

"As a Pet Trainer, I've helped countless dogs and their owners build stronger bonds. The training program PetSmart provided me with was top-notch, and seeing the progress in my classes is incredibly rewarding."

Pet Stylists

Do you have a flair for making pets look their best? Pet Groomers at PetSmart provide a range of services, from baths and grooming to nail trims and ear cleaning for both dogs and cats.

Bathers and Pet Stylists

- Utilize creative skills to style various breeds.

- Benefit from a built-in clientele and steady demand.

- Enjoy a sense of accomplishment with every pet makeover.

Sofia K., Pet Stylist, says

"Working as a Pet Groomer has allowed me to combine my love for animals with my artistic side. There's nothing like the feeling of a pet looking and feeling great after a grooming session. PetSmart has also provided me with great tools and ongoing education."

Pet Care Associate

As a Pet Care Associate, you'll ensure the health and well-being of the live pets in the store, from fish to birds, and reptiles to small mammals.

Pet Care associates...

- Gain hands-on experience with a variety of animals.

- Play a crucial role in maintaining the pets' habitat and care.

- Educate pet parents on proper pet care techniques.

Alex D., Pet Care Associate, says

"I've always been fascinated by animals, and as a Pet Care Associate, I get to care for them every day. It's a responsibility I take seriously, and it's incredibly satisfying to see all our pets healthy and happy."

Customer Engagement Leader

If you're a people person with leadership skills, the Customer Engagement Leader position could be for you. You'll oversee the store's customer service initiatives and team.


- Lead a team dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.

- Develop strategies to improve customer engagement.

- Work in a dynamic environment where no two days are the same.

Rachel G., CEL, says

"As a Customer Engagement Manager, I've been able to grow my leadership skills immensely. I love working with my team to ensure every customer has a positive experience at PetSmart."

Salon Leader

For those with grooming experience and management aspirations, the Salon Leader role is a step up. You'll manage the salon team and operations, ensuring high-quality grooming services.

Salon Leaders...

- Lead a team of passionate groomers.

- Drive salon growth and profitability.

- Foster a collaborative and educational grooming environment.

Olivia F., Salon Leader, says,

"Being a Salon Leader has been a rewarding challenge. I get to mentor new groomers and watch them develop their skills, all while ensuring our furry clients leave looking their best."

Merchandising and Inventory Leader

If you have a knack for organization and an eye for detail, consider the Merchandising and Inventory Leader role. You'll be in charge of product presentation and inventory management.

M&I Leaders...

- Play a key role in the visual appeal of the store.

- Ensure product availability and manage inventory levels.

- Analyze trends to optimize product placement and sales.

Derek H. M&I Leader says,

"The Merchandising and Inventory Leader position has allowed me to utilize my organizational skills in a meaningful way. I love seeing the impact of my work on store operations and customer satisfaction."

PetsHotel Leader

For those who love hospitality and pets, the PetsHotel Leader position is a unique blend of both worlds. You'll oversee the operations of PetSmart's on-site boarding facility.

PetsHotel Leaders...

- Manage a team dedicated to providing top-notch pet care.

- Ensure a safe, clean, and fun environment for pet guests.

- Build relationships with pet parents and their furry family members.

Laura B., PetsHotel Leader says,

"Managing the PetsHotel has been an incredible journey. It's like running a paradise for pets, and there's nothing more fulfilling than seeing them enjoy their stay while their parents are away."

District Leader

Ready to take your career to the next level? District Leaders at PetSmart oversee multiple store operations, ensuring each location meets company standards and goals.

District Leaders...

- Lead and mentor store teams across your district.

- Drive performance and growth within your region.

- Influence large-scale operational decisions.

Keith J. District Leader, says

"As a District Manager, I've been able to make a real impact on the stores I oversee. It's a role that requires strategic thinking and leadership, and I'm proud of the work we do."

Distribution Center Associate

For those who enjoy a fast-paced, physical role and want to be part of the backbone of PetSmart's supply chain, the Distribution Center Associate position is crucial. You'll handle the products that keep PetSmart stores stocked and ready for pet parents.

DC associates...

- Be an integral part of a team that ensures smooth store operations.

- Work with state-of-the-art distribution technology.

- Opportunities for growth and advancement within the distribution network.

Carlos E., DC Associate, says,

"Being a Distribution Center Associate has given me a behind-the-scenes look at how PetSmart operates. It's hard work, but it's also rewarding to know that what I do every day helps pets and their owners across the country."

Pick your passion and explore all of the opportunities PetSmart has to offer at


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