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A Poem to Celebrate Black History Month

Black History Month takes place every February to honor African-American history. To help us celebrate, please enjoy a poem by Azubuogu chinwendu chukwudi highlighting what it means to be “made of black”:

Am made of black Am a true symbol of a black Strong Powerful Black is independent Black is determined Black is original never fades Black remains consistent forever

Am made of black Black is an attitude Black is beautiful Black is love Black don’t discriminate Black accepts you for who you are Irrespective of your race, color and religion

Am made of black Black is patient Black is caring Black is accommodating Black is brilliant Black is intelligent

Am made of black Black lives with you Black inspires you Black motivates you

Black is a leader Black is an activist Black is a friend

Black is an educator Black is a CEO Black is a singer Black is a poet Black is a friend

Black is a president We are blacks we are more

Black is made of more I am made of more I am original I am beautiful I am powerful I am attractive I am charming —–do you know why? Because am made of black… Am made of more….


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