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Anything For Pets Is What We Stand For

Our new brand platform is almost here. It’s the moment we shout it loud and clear: At PetSmart, we’ll do Anything for Pets.

This is so much more than a new tagline or marketing campaign. It’s our brand anthem, our commitment to our customers, how we operate and who we are collectively. ‘Anything for Pets’ is the fabric of our company. Our pets show us unconditional love every day. There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for our pets because there’s nothing they wouldn’t do for us.

Many of you are asking and the answer is yes, this mantra will replace “for the love of pets.” We love how Anything for Pets truly embodies the spirit of you, our associates, who consistently go above-and-beyond to serve the pets and pet parents who rely on us.

We already do over-the-top things for our pets everyday–dressing in matching outfits, talking like babies to our pets, surrendering our space in the bed at night, even getting tattoos in their honor– so why not celebrate it?

You’ll begin to see Anything for Pets show up on TV and digital platforms in the coming weeks. In the meantime, keep living and breathing Anything for Pets. You are the embodiment of this commitment and we appreciate your support. Keep up the great work you’ve been doing and let’s show our pet parents what unconditional love looks like.

PetSmart. Anything for Pets.


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