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Belonging Screensavers Coming Soon!

Over the past several years, we’ve made a lot of progress on our diversity and inclusion strategies.

In 2018, we set out after our most ambitious goal yet: Create a PetSmart where every associate feels like they truly belong. Today, our programs lead with Belonging and we focus on celebrating the backgrounds, experiences and differences that make all of us unique. Creating diverse and inclusive teams is a natural outcome from this work, but we know it still takes focus and an unyielding investment.

Starting on Friday March 19, Belonging, in partnership with our IT End User Support team, will launch custom screensavers to further affirm our culture of inclusion at PetSmart.

This passive yet powerful format will amplify the importance of building an inclusive culture and allow you to engage with Belonging in a new and exciting way. This first screensaver, shown below, celebrates the commitment we’ve made and highlights the Belonging vision.

Belonging will partner with IT to automatically upload new screensavers quarterly to showcase events, celebrate culture, promote values and amplify your voices.

We thank you for your partnership and invite you to email us at with feedback. We also invite you to visit the Belonging site to learn more about the Belonging program and how it supports a culture of inclusion at PetSmart.


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