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Celebrate Women's History Month with Kyra, Senior Human Resources Business Partner – DC10

March is Women’s History month, a time to spotlight the contributions and achievements of women.

I am a mother of 3 children, whom I have raised as I was, to be diverse and inclusive in their thinking and daily lives. They were taught that there was no limit to the things they can achieve and that they should never let anyone tell them they can’t do something. They were also taught, as I was, to stand up for the underdog. My daughter learned at an early age, that being a female should never hold you back. As a young girl, she played on the boys’ baseball team, because there were no girls’ teams. She still talks about that experience and makes a point of informing people she was better than most of the boys on the team. 😂

Prior to PetSmart, my career did not involve working in HR, but 17 years ago, PetSmart gave me the opportunity to enter that field. My time with PetSmart has helped me acquire additional compassion and empathy and has given me insight into being even more inclusive and open to diverse ideas and opinions. That growth has helped to develop incredible relationships with associates and peers.

I’ve always been proud to work for PetSmart, and that pride has grown through all the initiatives the company has taken to stand up for all people and encourage development for all associates, regardless of gender, race, or other differences. I look forward to continuing the journey with a company that truly cares.

It is important to support and honor Women's History Month so we can create a world where it isn’t rare or “lucky” to work for a company like this, but it is the norm.


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