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Celebrating a few of our Top Paw Salon Winners!

We're proud to be the place where dedicated pet-lovers can grow their career. Our salon team members receive extensive training and are able to choose from multiple paths to grow their career with us. We're excited to share two of the stories from our Salon Top Paw winners this year!


Maegan and the 2707 Salon Team

Maegan was selected for her passion for pets and people: she had the best sales results, best customer service scores, best brand standards, first Salon Leader to teach an academy, and recruited another Salon Leader for the district!

Maegan: I felt recognized as a valued member of not just my team at 2707, but by the company. Small accomplishments and little details often feel insignificant or repetitive, but with being presented with this award, I feel like the small things that I do daily are seen and appreciated. It takes those small things to achieve success overall.

I love making the dogs feel better and feel pretty. My passion is for the pets and their well-being. PetSmart has afforded me the opportunity of teaching new groomers which has been a fun and rewarding experience. The best part of being a PetSmart groomer is building relationships with the pet parents while taking care of their precious pets.

For me, united together doesn’t just mean within our teams, it means being a trusted partner to our pet parents and sharing an experience together that creates a bond between groomer, pet and parent.

Oscar, Salon Leader

"One of my favorite things about my job is watching hard work be rewarded and watching my stylist grow from shy to confident and amazing Leaders.

A true leader inspires the team to get results through being themselves and encouraging an inclusive environment where everyone can succeed. Oscar is the epitome of this and I can’t wait to see how far he goes in his career."

- Lacey, PetSmart District Academy Trainer


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