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Celebrating Belonging Week 2021

One of the core values of PetSmart is standing #unitedtogether, and it is with that in mind we celebrated our 3rd annual Belonging Week.

Over the course of 7 days, we heard from business leaders, learned from our associate resource groups and spoke with associates about what #belonging at PetSmart means to them. It was such a great week full of many educational and inspirational moments we can ALL learn and grow from. Associates can check out the sessions from this year on the Belonging Fetch page.

Thank you to our associates for their amazing participation! From stores, salons, and PetsHotels, to the distribution centers and the Phoenix, Canada, and Shanghai home office, the celebrations of Belonging at PetSmart were nothing short of amazing!

At PetSmart, we strive to create an environment where every associate feels like they truly belong. Each of our associates deserves to know they matter and that they belong here. During Belonging Week and every day of the year, we're proud to celebrate all of the things that make each of us unique—as they are what make our company great. When we embrace and appreciate a wide range of people and perspectives, we create an environment where associates can do their best work and pet parents have an unmatched customer experience. We are stronger together!

The one thing we all have in common is that we're all different—and here at PetSmart, we're proud to share and celebrate those differences through our stories. Hear from a few of our associates on what Belonging means to them and how the culture within #LifeAtPetSmart allows them to bring their authentic selves to work every day. Thank you, Carmen, Eric, Annie, and Juan for sharing your stories!


Each day of Belonging Week, there were provided prompts to engage with our associates. Check out some of the fun from our associates below!

Day 1 - "Something 'odd' that I recommend everyone try at least once is..."

Day 2 - "My funniest memory at work is..."

Day 3 - "PetSmart's culture of Belonging made a difference in my life when..."

Day 4 - "My favorite quote is..."

Day 5 - "One song included on the soundtrack of my life is..."

Day 6 - "The best part about waking up is..."

Day 7 - "In the last year, I am most proud of..."

Thank you for celebrating with us! 🥳


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