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Chewy, the 13-year-old Westie, and his mom, Meagan, travel to Phoenix to work at PetSmart

In 2022, Chewy's mom Meagan accepted a role at PetSmart's Home Office—which meant Chewy and the fam were moving from their former home in Orlando, Florida all the way to sunny Phoenix, Arizona—where Chewy and Meagan would begin their #lifeatpetsmart! 😎 Come along with them on their travels 2,000+ miles across the country.

Chewy was born to ride and enjoys the scenic route—he loves the car and his stroller, so anything involving those two items, along with his mom and dad, excites him. Let's get this road trip party started! (With a few naps thrown in 😉💤)

🚗 Chewy stopped in Alabama, where he visited a historic hotel that used to be the headquarters for Andrew Jackson. Next, he spent an afternoon in New Orleans, where he saw live music and visited the iconic Café du Monde, and saw local street art. Then, of course, he had to "keep it weird" in Austin, and like any true teenager, he took a photo in front of their famous murals. 🤩

A few other unforgettable things Chewy did on his adventure...

Visited the World’s Largest Pistachio at Pistachio Land. 😲

Stopped in Roswell (but did not see any extraterrestrial activity. 🪐)

Went to nice restaurants and lounged in the hotel beds. ☁️

Loved spending time and making memories with his favorite people. ❤️

After a few great days, Chewy made it! He's loving his new life in the desert and has recently taken up hiking thanks to PetSmart's Arcadia Trail hiking backpack. His mom Meagan is loving #lifeatpetsmart now that they're in Phoenix! She says, "You can’t help but smile when you walk around the office meeting kittens, seeing colorful fish, and hearing dogs snore at coworkers’ desks. But the best part is that you get to work with pet people who share compassion and passion for all walks of life."

Did you know that PetSmart offers relocation for certain roles? Visit to find a role you love and live in the sunshine. ☀️

Can you guess what Chewy loves most about his #LifeAtPetSmart? 🥰

Napping in meetings

Napping in mom's office

Supervising from his nap spot

Napping at mom's desk


Lots of naps

A few other things include: the smells - everywhere 👃, meeting new furiends like Cornelius and Rosie, watching people walk by his gate, attending meetings before he gets tired and falls back asleep, and exploring the office campus in his stroller. 🥰

Want to find out more about being part of #lifeapetsmart? Learn everything you wanna know here. 🐾


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Foster West

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Berenice Montiel

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