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DC41 Associate Martin describes #LifeAtPetSmart as exciting, creative, & fun. Learn why!

Martin has worked at PetSmart's Distribution Center, #41, in Reno, Nevada, for a self-proclaimed "eight short years." 😊 With experience ranging from roles as a Rack/MOD picker, Forklift operator, Wave Clerk, Social Media Ambassador, Belonging Advocate, and Safety Team member—Martin is living #LifeAtPetSmart to the fullest and describes it as exciting, creative, and fun.

Say hey to Martin, DC41 associate 👋

PetSmart, specifically DC41, has been an amazing, healthy, and stable work environment and a great fit for my lifestyle. It's a place that I've seen change over the years into something many people enjoy, and it makes me happy to know it's a place we have all built together.

I know I belong at PetSmart because I feel passionate about our goals as a building, and I care about my team. Each role I have held and hold now plays an effect in helping fellow associates or by providing accurate goods to our stores. I help pets/pet parents get what they need when they need it.

He's not only an incredible associate doing Anything for Pets, Martin is also a doting pet parent to his tortoise, Barry G, and his German Shephard, Terry.

🐢🥰🐕 (Pictured here!)

Now let's dig into more about Martin's #LifeAtPetSmart, shall we? 🤓📦🐾

For Martin, the roles and job functions he does change on a daily basis, and many times a day! To keep things simple—he goes where he is needed most. His favorite part about his role at PetSmart is that there are many opportunities for growth and many different people to learn from.

(This is the GIF he'd use to describe a day on the job. 😹)

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month!

When we asked him what he experiences working in PetSmart's Distribution Centers that you just can't find elsewhere, he spoke to his amazing team and the culture of Belonging. ❤️

I LOVE THE PEOPLE! The associates at DC41 play a huge part in making this place something great! We work hard to make this place fun/inclusive and a place to learn and grow not just a place of work. DC41 is a place where the feeling of Belonging radiates.

Martin gets to work on special projects and videos about #LifeAtPetSmart and collaborate closely with associates and get to know them. He says, "you’ll see me always talking to new/tenure associates during events, chasing people down with a camera, or trying to get them to join in on an activity. I get the chance to show the experience of being a PetSmart associate and show people what I see when I think of PetSmart."

Here's just one of the many fun and spirited videos he's created. 🥳 This one was for a fun holiday sweater celebration.

It's an exciting time to join our Distribution Center teams because we have tons of fun plans for this year! And we have seven different DCs across the USA.

Get a glimpse at some of the action happening at DC41!


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