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Feel Good Friday 1/15/21

Happy Feel Good Friday!

It was another wonderful week within #LifeAtPetSmart—now who’s ready for an awesome weekend? Take a look below at some of the highlights from this week. Please feel free to forward to anyone who may enjoy and remind others to get involved by using the #LifeAtPetSmart on social channels.


We’re sending congratulations to Cindy! She’s recently been named as a new Store Leader. Cindy has ROCKING her #LifeAtPetSmart for 18 years and has served as a leader in just about every position. While an Assistant Store Leader, she was part of multiple circle of excellence teams. Way to go, Cindy!! 👏


It was a GOOD looking week full of GREAT grooming talent! Cassandra gave Layla a beautiful transformation, Ginger loved seeing Nona for her haircut, and Kim was all smiles during this doggo's recent appointment!! 😍


Maverick can’t help smiling with his camp friends at his favorite PetsHotel! We can’t get enough of this photo 😊


Stephanie, a new Assistant Store Leader of PetSmart, is going HAM in her #LifeAtPetSmart getting to know the animals, starting with the sweet little Chinese dwarf hamsters!! 🐹 Stephanie’s dogs Wilson and Tela also did some training with Trainer, Maddy! They look like they are paying close attention during class! 👏


The Canada Home Office welcomed a new furry face this week! Say hi to Logan!

“Hello all my new friends!! Thanks for the warm welcome on my first day in the office. I loved seeing the happy smiles and ALL the warm pets and hugs. What a fun day!!!” -Logan 🐶”


Pat & Shannon both celebrated 12 years with PetSmart this week! We LOVE to see it and appreciate all of their hard work for pets and pet parents! 🥳


We had BIG love for these differently-sized siblings visiting this PetSmart! ❤️🐾


“Alissa is our Associate of the Month and is one of our hard working pet care associates who has a great eye for detail and helps take care of our animals with love and compassion! In addition she is always willing to lend a hand throughout the store! This is well deserved Alissa, thanks for all you do. We appreciate you!

- Alissa’s PetSmart team


Wrapping up the last seven days with a few the coolest visitors and guests to come through #LifeAtPetSmart this week. Make it a great weekend! ✨


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