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Feel Good Friday 11/13/20

Happy #FeelGoodFriday and #WorldKindnessDay! 🤗 What better way to celebrate than by sharing the love from a few of our favorite moments from life at PetSmart this week. Check out the below, feel free to share with friends, and get involved by using #LifeAtPetSmart on social channels!


Our stores are continuing to ROCK their Chance and friend donations this holiday season! We love to see it! 😻


April knocked out another month of being amazing! This will be her 3rd month in a row accomplishing Associate of the Month!! Great job!! Here she is with one of our customers. 👏


“Work from home days are always a bit brighter with my furry coworker, Athena!” – April, Quality Laboratory Specialist at PetSmart 🐶


Vanessa is a Rockstar! “Thank you Vanessa for recommending only the best for our fur babies when they are in our care ❤️ 26.5% add-ons last week!” 🎉


Week 1 of National Adoption Days was a success! Over 9,400 pets have found a loving home so far, and we’re excited to hopefully reach our goal of 25,000 by November 22! #adoptlove 😍


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