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Feel Good Friday 4/2/21

It’s Friday!

You know what that means…time to celebrate #FeelGoodFriday and some of the highlights from our PetSmart pack this week! And what a week to remember! Happy Holi , Hoppy 🐰 Easter, and happiness to all celebrating! Check out the below for some of the fun! You can get involved by using #LifeAtPetSmart on social channels, and be sure to share with your friends so they can enjoy as well!

Have a fantastic weekend!


A special shout-out to our All-Stars! Say hi to Lori, Michelle, Michelle, Aaron, Rebekah, Weiss, Gregg, and Lily! They live our PetSmart’s values every day and we love to se it! 🌟

  • “Lori’s efforts have created an inclusive environment that has helped the team become more cohesive as they share personal stories about each other.”

  • “By keeping up associate morale, Michelle’s Passion for People and Pets was able to keep her team invested in delivering an exceptional pet parent experience.”

  • “Michelle does what it takes to make things happen. She’s passionate about results and exhibits positive energy in all challenging circumstances.”

  • “Aaron has exemplified a Passion for Pets and People as evidenced by having the region lead VoC results YTD.”

  • “Rebekah’s team sets the bar with PlayUp recognition and their united together spirit.Though she is a results-driven leader, Rebekah leads first with understanding, empathy and inclusion. Her team calls her “an inspirational, hard-working role model.”

  • “Weiss is a driven leader that encompasses the power of leadership and Play to Win mentality. A summery of his recent accomplishments are listed below, but what makes Weiss an All Star is his power of influence and his Passion for People and Pets.”

  • “Gregg and his team are always Playing to Win. Despite the winter storm that impacted Texas for a week, his store has posted great results this year. His store has already achieved over $1 million in sales, exceeding plan, surpassing all VoC goals and leads the district in Salon Welcome Package sales.”

  • “Lily’s number one focus is on teamwork and communication, and she is continuously striving to be better. She established a detailed plan to ensure the store stayed ahead of the consumable reset plan, allowing the team to stay focused on HEART!”


Our friends at PetSmart Shanghai recently celebrated Belonging Week! Here were a few takeaways they had 😊

*please note COVID restrictions differ in Shanghai than in the US

  • “It’s another great time for our team seating together with free-chatting about the traditional festival, CNY and family…we realized our diverse backgrounds and different social customs and habits for, we are from different locations…the company makes us in one great team.” – Jason

  • “Glad to see Shanghai office retains the Belonging tradition and we cherish the moment that we can share all interesting things and options around different assigned topics. The theme of the Second Belonging is about Chinese New Year, and I’ve learnt so many amusing ways/styles to celebrate this traditional festival. What a profound and diversified culture in China! Associates also share stories about how their pets spending the holiday with them, that is a perfect illustration of our Values. Fun time and look forward to having the next round of Belonging.” – Aileen


We are getting ready for pride here at PetSmart! We’re loving the new products arriving in stores! 🏳️‍🌈


Best wishes to Maria goes for another jump she goes for grooming academy! We can’t wait to see how amazing you do! 🐾


Srri had a colorful spa day with Calista and is ready for Easter and a wonderful weekend!💗✨


These lovely ladies at the salon and store are gearing up for the weekend. 🐣


Meet one of PetSmart's newest salon leaders! Even in academy Alex led the team and supported his peers. He has been working on an IDP and stepping in to support new groomers and sister salon the the last year. He finally will be getting his own salon in New Castle store 2327! Congratulations Alex! 👏


We all love Elevated Day Camp at our PetsHotel! Milky is suggesting we add dancing as one of the Enhanced Day camp hourly activities 🥰 featuring her new favorite dancing partner Jose. 💃


DAT, Lacey, shared the below. We love to see the friendships that form between our team members! 🤗

“Was able to see my New Orleans teams today (well half of them). I think I needed it more than they did. Started off the day at the salon in Harvey Louisiana with our amazing trainee Hallie completing her first dog back from academy, and finished out with Oscar and his rockstar team. ❤”


Here’s hoping your weekend is as full as much joy as Lola is at day camp! 😄


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