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Feel Good Friday 7/16/21

Hello everyone and happy Feel Good Friday!

What another fun and fantastic week we’ve had within #LifeAtPetSmart! Check out the below for a few reasons to end your week with a smile. 😊

Feel free to share with your friends!

If you’d like to get involved, use #LifeAtPetSmart on social channels. Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend!


We held in-store interviews across all of our U.S. and Canada stores for National Hiring Day this week! It was wonderful to see all of the fun participation from stores and we're looking forward to adding new pet-lovers to our passionate pack! If candidates were not able to make it out this week, we're still hiring! Let your friends know! ☺️


Lead Associate, Val, recently celebrated her first anniversary with PetSmart—which is super cool, and so is she! You're "guinea" want to check out her awesome shoes! 🤩


Within #LifeAtPetSmart, we're proud to live out loud colorfully and with authenticity! 🌈


This talented group of bathers, pet stylists, salon leaders, core leaders, and store leaders came together at Petsmart North Nashuawith a combined 42 years with PetSmart! We love to see it!


Shout-out and congratulations to Neyri on becoming a Stylist-In-Training! A job well done and thank you for all you do for your pets and pet parents every day 😊


Shout-out to associate, Jessica, for her quick thinking and compassion that saved a customer's day! She was on the register and noticed a customer exhibiting signs of distress. Jessica alerted all other employees through the headset and sprinted to the break room with her credit card to purchase cold water for him. After some rest, he was OK to drive home. Way to have passion for pets and people, Jessica! We're lucky you're in our pack.


All we do is "twin" in our salons!Check out Tamera and Betelguese and Sabrina and Daisy rockin' their matching 'dos!


Chase is celebrating his 2nd year at PetSmart this month! He started out as a cashier and has been an associate lead for a little over a year now. Chase likes that he feels like he belongs here and helping pet parents. So proud of you Chase! Happy 2 years!


Assistant Store Leader, Stephanie, and Salon Leader, Anna, met new reptile friends this week! We love seeing all kinds of animals come in to visit!


Missy came in on her birthday! Pet Stylist, Joey, from PetSmart 1750 made her feel special and helped her showcase her beautiful smile. 🥳


Although Belonging Week may be over, DC12 is still keeping the fun happening by playing Belonging Bingo!


It's always a good time in our grooming salons, but Jen and Spike and Della and Poppy bring a smile to everyone's face! We love having the cutest and happiest guests come to visit our talented groomers. 😊


Hot dog! We're having a "howl" lot of fun in our PetsHotels during the summer PAWties and playdates! Check out these happy pups enjoying their BBQ!


Our PetSmart interns are halfway done with their summer internships! Merchandising & Planning Allocation Intern, Emily, says " I am happy to share that I am loving my #lifeatpetsmart. My PetSmart Internship has taught me how to become a better person inside and out of the workplace. The culture here at PetSmart is truly unique, and I am so grateful to be part of a team that wants to make a difference in the world for pets and pet parents.


It's hard to beat the spirit in our Call Center! SRC Operations and Services Manager, Nadia, was pleasantly surprised for her birthday as she returned to the office this week! Happy birthday to her and what a great team! 🎉


Here's hoping you have a doggone great Friday and weekend!


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