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Feeling the Holiday Spirit at Store 3051

Here at PetSmart, our associates are proud to do Anything for Pets—but that passion extends to the people who love pets too! ❤️ We LOVE this holiday spirit from the team at PetSmart 3051! They decided to team up to gift a favorite customer something special. And talk about living PetSmart's values to the fullest—passion for pets and people. 🐾😊

Amanda, Store Leader at PetSmart 3051, shares the heartwarming story below.

"Meet Lou. She is a regular customer at my store, and there isn't one associate that doesn't know and love her. She always greets us kindly like she hasn't seen us in years, even though we see her weekly when she's shopping for her kitties, she always has a smile on her face, and she always makes us so happy. We look forward to seeing her every time she comes in, and nearly all of us have her phone number memorized for her rewards program because we see her so often. 😂

Lou typically only spends about $20 at a time, and she was saving her TREATS points up for months trying to save up enough to be able to buy a scratching post for her cats because she didn't have enough money to just buy it. She told us every time she came in she was getting closer. Then one day, she came in and had to spend all of her points on food for her cats because she was having a tough time. It broke our hearts because we could tell she was so sad she had to start all over. So, this Christmas, we did her one better. My team got together and has been planning this for weeks. We all pooled money to buy her a cat tree with plenty of scratching options for her cats, and we could present it to her today with a Christmas card. To say she was excited is an understatement. We all had tears in our eyes as she accepted it, and it truly made everyone's day, including other customers that witnessed it. I am so thankful for my team and the pet parents I get to know daily, especially those like Lou. I love my #lifeatpetsmart.

And the story gets better!

After the PetSmart Loyalty team at the Home Office heard about Lou, they got in touch and wanted to make Lou's Christmas even more special. Through teamwork, we got Lou a card from the Loyalty Team, and they loaded 40,000 treat points onto her account for a Christmas surprise ($100 value!) to spend on her kitties. I was able to present this to Lou when she came into the shop, and she was ecstatic and so thankful. She got lots of goodies for her babies and even brought my staff and me some goodies of our own! We each got treat bags prepared by her, along with a card and some pictures of her kitties enjoying the cat tree at home! I am so thankful for my amazing customers and to be able to work for an awesome company that will truly do #anythingforpets. To the Loyalty Team: thank you for helping me make Lou's Christmas the best one ever. I will remember your kindness forever!


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