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Georgetown PetSmart Associates Stand United Together for Mental Health Awareness Month

The month of May serves as Mental Health Awareness Month, a cause we are all standing #UnitedTogether for here at PetSmart. The team members at PetSmart Georgetown are a great example of the unity our associates are showing for mental health, check out a few bits associates had to share in support below! 😊

👋 Kyle: Store Leader

“I seek to support others' mental health by actively listening. As a leader, it is very easy to assign tasks, tell people what needs to be done or give business updates, but we sometimes lose focus on the most important part of any good business and that is the people running it. I always try to stay mindful of how others may be feeling and I have an open-door policy with all of my associates. Getting to know our associates on a little more personal level, learning about their families, favourite activities or past personal experiences allows us to create a warm, welcoming environment within our store.”

👋 Amanda: Merchandise Inventory Leader🐾

“I challenge the stigma around mental illness by being open with others and having conversations. If people who struggle with mental illness’ feel like they can’t have the conversation in the first place they won’t be able to receive the help/support they need. I make sure my family and friends know that I always have the time to sit down, talk and listen.”

👋 Julia: Customer Engagement Leader 🐾

“My mental health feels strong when I am actively taking care of myself. Through therapy, self reflection, fantastic support networks and hard work, I’ve learned what makes me tick and what I need to personally do to feel mentally strong!! When I’m engaging in my passions and hobbies I feel super mentally strong.

Working at PetSmart has allowed me to gain even more confidence and I consider going into work such a positive as well. Learn about yourself, seek help when you need it and never stop learning and growing and improving, build that mental strength!!”

👋 Dave: PetSmart Associate 🐾

“My favourite self-care activity is playing board games with my friends!”

👋 Emily: PetSmart Associate 🐾

“I seek to support others mental health by…always being available and open to listen, respecting emotional boundaries, and comforting them with whatever they are feeling. Mental health unfortunately has a stigma around it, and we need to make ourselves aware that others are hurting or going through difficult times that cannot always be expressed or seen. Being available to always listen can help the people around you who are dealing with mental health feel comfortable expressing themselves in a judgement free space and on their own terms.”


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