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Hear why Brittni, Product Developer-Consumables, has enjoyed #LifeAtPetSmart for 5+ years

Brittni took part in our Talent Acceleration Program (TAP) here at PetSmart. This program helps associates partner with leaders and take part in developmental learnings in order to help advance their career. Learn more about her #LifeAtPetSmart and experience as a TAP associate below!


Tell us a bit about your PetSmart journey and career path – where did you start, where are you now, and how did you get there?

Brittni: My journey at PETM started December 2012. I was hired as a Quality Assurance Engineer for our PB brands. I stayed in that role for 3.5 years. From there, I was promoted to Product Development Associate for our PB brands March 2016. I have since been promoted to Product Developer, my current role.


What resources have helped you along the way as you’ve grown your career with PetSmart?

Brittni: The resources that have helped me along the way, honestly, have been the great Associates that we have had and currently have on the team. I have learned so much from those who have come before me or have more knowledge on a subject/product than myself. They have been most valuable to my growth here at PETM.


Can you tell us about your experience as a TAP associate?

Brittni: My experience of being 1 of 35 selected for the Talent Acceleration Program (TAP) for Individual Contributors, was a great honor. I developed self-awareness by identifying my strengths and weaknesses. I learned the importance of communicativeness, delegation, talent development, change agility, composure and sensitivity. All of which help prepare me to become a leader of people.


What did you enjoy most about the TAP Associate program?

Brittni: What I enjoyed most about the TAP program was many things. One that stood out the most was the 360 feedback from my peers and managers. This was such an eye-opening experience. It is one thing to think you are on the right track, but it is another to be validated by those you admire and work closely with daily.


What did you gain from the TAP associate program or how did the TAP Associate program affect your career at PetSmart?

Brittni: What I gained most was the presentation skills information disseminated. The tactics we learned will be transferable skills that I will be able to take with me throughout my career here at PETM and beyond.


Are there any leaders or mentors that have been helpful along the way as your career has progressed you’d like to shout-out?

Brittni: I simply can’t name just one. All of the leaders that participate in the mentorship program, leaders and associates on the PB team (both past and present) have been essential to my development and progression here at PETM.


Why do you love your life at PetSmart or what are some of your favorite parts?

Brittni: I love my life at PETM because of the way it has challenged and changed me professionally and personally. I have learned so much about business and my capabilities. It has been a pleasure to work with leaders that truly believe in you and provide to you all the right tools to be successful. And let’s not forget the work-life balance. PETM truly stands behind this concept which is needed and very much appreciated.


Why should folks looking to grow their career choose PetSmart?

Brittni: You should look to grow your career here at PETM because the business leaders care about your needs, wants and desires. The leadership in position now urges and provides the space for you to build and grow to be in any position that interests you. This is key to feeling empowered and building longevity within the company.


Any advice for those interested in pursuing a TAP Associate program experience? What would you tell them?

Brittni: My advice to future TAP participants would be challenge yourself. Think of the 1 or 2 things within the business that if you could, you would. Use that idea to stretch your limits and create a tool or process that would be beneficial for years to come.


Any favorite stories or moments from over the years at PetSmart that you’d like to share?

Brittni: Oh, my. There are so many moments, too many to pinpoint. But if I had to choose, I would say reading stories, or watching videos at the Town Hall meetings of our Associates that go above and beyond for pets and the community.


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