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Hear why Meghan, Associate Employment Brand Manager, has enjoyed #LifeAtPetSmart for 1 year

Meghan started at PetSmart in September 2020 and has been loving her #LifeAtPetSmart every day since! As part of our TAC team, she helps with social and digital efforts to share the fun of being part of the pack with interested candidates and our associates. Learn more about her experience so far below!


Tell us a bit about your PetSmart journey – where did you start, where are you now, and how did you get there?

Meghan: My #LifeAtPetSmart began at the end of September of last year. I was interested in joining the team because I love PetSmart—how they help pets, how they care deeply for their people, and how they truly live out their mission and vision every day. I've worked previous roles in copywriting, production, and social media and was excited to put all of those things together in my position here on the Talent Acquisition Team as the Associate Employment Brand Manager. I get to engage with PetSmart associates from the Phoenix Home Office, Stores, Salons, and Distribution Centers to learn more about their #LifeAtPetSmart and help share those stories.


Tell us about your pets!

Meghan: I am the proud pet parent of two babies—Squirt and Stevie. Squirt is a 15-year-old Yorkie who has been my best friend since 5th grade. I take him everywhere with me in my purse, and he lights up my life. He's a spunky, silly, sleepy little dude. Stevie joined our family in November of 2019. I had been volunteering at an animal shelter in Chicago, walking dogs, when I happened to hear about her in the volunteer break room when a few friends were discussing the blind cat who had been found wandering the streets. After my shift that day, I went to meet her and couldn't go home without her because it was love at first sight (pun intended, haha). She doesn't have eyes, but it doesn't hold her back from anything! She's a sassy, feisty, sweet girl.


Why do you enjoy your life at PetSmart or what are some of your favorite parts?

Meghan: I consider myself lucky to work at PetSmart because I wake up each day happy and excited to start my work. I love my #LifeAtPetSmart because I love the people I work with and the work I get to do. I have routine parts of my job, but I also get to explore new ways to share our associates' stories often and connect with people in different departments regularly. I enjoy the feeling of helping to make a positive impact on our associates and those interested in joining the pack and being part of a company that's doing so much good for pets in our communities. Besides the company culture, I also really like that I have unwavering support from a fantastic leader, and there are several associate resource groups to join and take part in. PetSmart truly takes care of its people, appreciates and supports its associates, and stands #UnitedTogether to make sure we all feel like we belong.

TAC Team's 2020 Group Halloween Costume

What’s something interesting about your department or role that most people don’t know about?

Meghan: I'm part of the Human Resources Department within the TAC Team. I think the HR department is interesting because there's a broad mix of awesome folks who work within it and are each doing different sorts of things, but we all come together to support one another. It's the most collaborative and helpful team I've ever been a part of. Everyone is FUN and willing to lend a helping hand when you're wondering about something and genuinely seem to enjoy helping you progress in your career.


Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

Meghan: I'd have to say the most interesting thing about me is the hobbies and fascinations I have outside of work. I have a wide variety of interests that change month by month. One month it's sewing/tie-dye, the next, it's exploring the meaning behind heavy metal music, followed by trying to learn how to make ravioli from scratch. Growing up, my dad used to say, "Whoever has the most fun wins." and I try to live by that with everything I do—whether that be trying different things, exploring unknown territories, meeting new friends, or taking risks.


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