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I Belong: Meet Sirena

Meet Sirena | MIL #0625 - Hattiesburg, Mississippi District

I started with PetSmart five years ago, in 2017, when I was a newly single mother starting over in a very different city. I was so scared and unsure how I would provide for my children and myself, but I knew I could conquer whatever was to happen with perseverance and my family. I didn’t have a job then and had to rely on government assistance to help with housing, food, and daycare for my son and daughter. PetSmart was the only job to reach out to me immediately to see if I was interested in working for them. I applied for a Leadership position, but all they had available was a part-time cashier position. I graciously accepted it, knowing that once in the door, I would be able to validate to them what I had to offer. I immediately found a love and passion for PetSmart and being able to connect with people and their lovely pets.

Over time, I was fortunate to move into a Merchandising & Inventory Leadership position that afforded me the balanced work life that my family and I needed. Beyond that, I also found financial security through PetSmart’s total compensation, insurance offerings, and enough PTO where I can take ample vacations with my family, which has helped with the holiday season being easier to cope with.

I look forward to helping as many pets and children as possible this holiday season. I feel so connected with this, as just a short amount of time ago, I was the one relying on the kindness of others. Working at PetSmart has allowed me to give back through ample avenues. Whether through Chance & Friends, giving back to the local Toys for Tots chapter and PetSmart Charities, or utilizing volunteer time with my team at the local homeless shelter. It also allows me to speak to the team and attach a personal angle for them to understand that people you may know have utilized those services.

I also plan on taking my kids and myself to see family members we have not been able to see since COVID-19. I want to ensure my kids see their extended family and celebrate Christmas together! We will be driving up and making a road trip out of it simultaneously. Part of their Christmas will be picking out stops along the way that they find exciting to create a memorable trip, which I know will not be the last.


The Belonging Program’s “I Belong” Series harnesses the power of empathy through storytelling. This series is intended to give associates a greater sense of understanding, a bridge to gain new perspective, and a way to build connection to each other.


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