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Mackenzie and Cornelius Love Their #LifeAtPetSmart - Learn why!

This is Mackenzie at work. 👍

Just kidding. 🤭 But it's the GIF she'd use to describe her job at PetSmart as an Associate Marketing Manager, Specialty.

In three words, Mackenzie describes #LifeAtPetSmart as Bustling, Sprightly, and Memorable. ✨❤️ Her favorite part about her job is getting to understand the different types of joy and adventure that any and every pet brings to the family and getting to communicate with customers. Here she is with her buddy, Cornelius Bartholomew, the Rescue Pup and Border Collie Mix.

You can't get more pet-friendly than #LifeAtPetSmart... Cornelius loves coming to work with his mom! Mackenzie told us a bit about a day in PetSmart's Phoenix Home Office for them.

Whenever I go into the office, so does Cornelius. He starts his days strong upon arrival by peeing on every bush he can before pulling me to the elevator and then promptly dashing out of it once we get to the 3rd floor. He knows where all of his favorite human coworkers and fellow pups sit and likes to go by each cubicle as we walk in to take attendance.

Before settling at my desk, I run to the kitchen to fill his water bowl full of ice--otherwise he won't drink it--and then he gets to work playing with whatever friends are in the office. Rosie the Rough Collie and Maeve, a fellow mutt, are his two best dog friends and at least one of them is usually in the office to play for hours on end. This entails taking every toy out of the toy box, taking pieces of ice out of the water bowl one at a time, and coercing anyone that walks by our row to stop and give them belly rubs. Trips to the dog park and afternoon naps are schedule staples, as is stopping by a few offices and desks for snacks throughout the day. After a hard days work, he likes to ride home with his head out the window the entire way.

When asked about her favorite about working at PetSmart, Mackenzie said,

I get to bring Cornelius to work with me which I enjoy so much, and I get to share him and his adorable, unabashed excitement with hundreds of other people within the company. The common ground of loving pets, I think, is the single biggest connector at PetSmart and it makes it so easy to feel welcomed and like you're a part of something special. Its a social feeling had to come by at other workplaces.

We're thrilled to have Cornelius and Mackenzie in our pack doing Anything for Pets! Mackenzie's role helps to find new and creative ways to connect with specialty pet parents. Her team always keeps a focus on the care and health of pets while highlighting the fun times and unique connections that come with having a specialty pet in the family.

We'll leave you with a few more reasons why Mackenzie loves her #LifeAtPetSmart. (and one more cute pic of Cornelius and his pal, Chewy! 🥰)

  • I enjoy the culture and comraderies. ❤️🤝🐾

  • I love the projects I get to work on and the people I get to work alongside. 👏

  • PetSmart is a unique employer in the retail industry and provides creative freedom you don't always find elsewhere in the corporate world. ✨


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