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Meet Juan, Senior Manager Site Merchandising, 1+ year with PetSmart

Say hello to Juan, a Front End Developer at PetSmart on the Front End Digital Team. His role involves delivering code across our digital spaces, and helping to communicate our business and related teams’ goals around more caring, thoughtful, and unique shopping experiences for customers and their pets. Learn more about his #LifeAtPetSmart below!

Juan and his pup, Toyo

What kinds of work is the digital team doing right now?

We're working mainly with our interdepartmental teams and business partners in refocusing the shopping experiences of our digital customers towards what helps them find what they need quickly, effectively, and consistently throughout the home page, featured shops, and other digital experiences.

Tell us something cool about #LifeAtPetSmart in digital.

PetSmart’s digital team is a great place to advance your career because of the wide range of opportunities to be involved with work that interests you, drives you to grow more into, and be ultimately get the sense that you are making an impact for pet parents everywhere.

What kinds of soft skills are helpful in the digital world?

A skill that I personally find very helpful in the digital world is having an adaptable mindset in wanting to do the right thing for pet parents everywhere. Being open to communication and critical thinking has helped me be a collaborative part of creative and positive solutions that have improved many facets of our digital experiences at PetSmart.

Can you tell us a bit about the leadership team at PetSmart in digital?

The digital leadership team at PetSmart empowers every team member and ensures their opinions and concerns are heard while guiding impactful differences through the solutions the teams work on to get the our customers get what they need.

What are 3 things that you love about #LifeAtPetSmart?

  1. The open and welcoming teams

  2. The value of people-first by the leadership

  3. Knowing my work translates into the positive impact of happier pets and their parents!

Finish the sentence: You know you work at PetSmart when….

… you walk by a dog, gerbil, lizard, and fish or other coworkers’ small pets by the time you reach your workspace!

What sorts of roles are available for those interested in growing their digital career at PetSmart?

Some roles that are available for those interested in growing their digital career at PetSmart can include a large range of tech-related roles and support from the front-end and back-end of code with quality assurance and UX designers ensuring positive user experiences for our customers to our product and merchant teams— the opportunities are many!

What sort of people would be great additions to the digital team at PetSmart?

The sort of people that I feel would be great additions to the digital team at PetSmart are those that are looking to create a positive impact through their work on any level, big or small, individually or with a team, and especially all in the interest of ensuring our customers get the best value for their pets.

Make an impact with us on our digital team! Apply for open roles at


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