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Paws for Applause: PetSmart's 2023 Awards Showcase Their Commitment to Pets and People Alike!

#LifeAtPetSmart isn't just a job; it's a community that cares. As we wrap up 2023, we're excited to recognize PetSmart's achievements from the past year as we upheld our commitment to outstanding pet care and an AWEsome work experience for our team members—and there's a doggone lot to celebrate! We are incredibly proud to acknowledge some of the awards that have contributed to PetSmart's leadership in the industry, making both tails wag, and associates smile. 😊🏆

America's Greatest Workplaces for Diversity – Newsweek

Diverse hiring and promotion practices, culture of Belonging, cultural competency training, and representation across all levels of the company have helped PetSmart earn recognition as one of the greatest workplaces for diversity.


America's Greatest Workplaces for Women – Newsweek

PetSmart has created an empowering environment for women with policies and programs that support their growth and success. We're also proud to offer leadership opportunities for women, supportive networking and mentorship programs, and gender equity in pay and advancement.


America's Greatest Work Places for LGBTQ+ – Newsweek

Celebrating diversity and inclusivity, PetSmart has created a welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ associates and customers alike. We are proud to be a safe and welcoming workplace for all and to support LGBTQ+ community initiatives with inclusive policies and practices.


America's Best Retailers – Newsweek

From the in-store experience to the quality of products, PetSmart has set the standard for what it means to be among America's best retailers with exceptional customer service, high-quality pet products and services, and an engaging in-store experience.


America’s Greatest Workplaces for Parents and Families – Newsweek

Recognizing the challenges that come with juggling family and work, PetSmart has implemented family-friendly policies such as FlexSmart that have earned them this prestigious award.


Greatest Workplaces for Job Starters - Newsweek

For those starting their career journey, PetSmart has been acknowledged as a great place to begin, thanks to its supportive environment and leadership, entry-level opportunities with growth potential, training and development programs, and collaborative and mentor-based team atmosphere.


Most Trustworthy Companies in America – Newsweek

Trust is instrumental in any successful business, and PetSmart has earned this accolade by being a reliable and ethical company that leads with strong customer relationships and ethical treatment of animals and associates.


America's Best Loyalty Programs – Newsweek

PetSmart's loyalty program is more than just rewards; it's a community of pet lovers who enjoy exclusive benefits and personalized care. PetSmart's Treats loyalty program offers tailored rewards for pet owners, exclusive discounts, and offers community events and pet-centric activities.


America’s Greatest Workplaces for Remote Work – Newsweek

PetSmart has adapted to the "new normal" by creating an environment where remote work isn't just possible; it's productive and fulfilling. This award is a testament to PetSmart's commitment to work-life balance and the well-being of our teams.


America's Best Customer Service – Newsweek

With a focus on customer satisfaction, PetSmart has been recognized for its exceptional service and dedication to its patrons thanks to our highly trained and knowledgeable team, quick and efficient problem resolution, and customer-centric approach.


Best Online Shops – Newsweek

PetSmart's online shopping experience is seamless and user-friendly, making it one of the best online shops recognized by Newsweek for its easy-to-navigate website, a wide range of products available online, and efficient delivery and pickup options.


America's Best Large Employers – Forbes

This award recognizes PetSmart's overall excellence as an employer, from our culture of belonging to the benefits offered to our 50K+ associates. PetSmart's diverse and inclusive work environment, strong emphasis on associate development, and more helped contribute to this win.


America's Best-In-State Employers – Forbes

PetSmart's commitment to its employees shines through with this award, highlighting the company as a top employer within the states they operate for aspects like competitive compensation and benefits, opportunities for growth and advancement., community involvement and local impact.


Canada's Best Employers – Forbes

North of the border, PetSmart's commitment to its associates has not gone unnoticed, earning them a spot among Canada's best employers for the brand's strong presence in the Canadian market, tailored benefits for Canadian associates, and community engagement across Canada.


Customer Experience All-Stars – Forbes

PetSmart's commitment to providing an outstanding customer experience has not gone unnoticed, earning them a spot among Forbes' All-Stars for personalized customer service, seamless shopping experience, both in-store and online, and responsive customer support.


Best Brands For Social Impact – Forbes (Canada)

In Canada, PetSmart has been recognized for its social impact, making a difference in the lives of pets and people through social responsibility programs, impactful community projects, and a focus on sustainable practices.


America's Most Innovative Companies – Fortune

Innovation is at the heart of PetSmart's success, and this award from Fortune showcases its forward-thinking approach to pet retail through the use of cutting-edge pet care technology, innovative product offerings, and forward-thinking business strategies.


Top 25 Pet Retailers – PetBusiness

As a leader in the pet retail industry, PetSmart has been named one of the top 25 pet retailers, a nod to their excellence in the field with a wide selection of pet products, associates with expertise in pet care and nutrition, and a company-wide commitment to pet welfare and adoption.


Most Admired Leaders Award – Phoenix Business Journal

Leadership is key to any successful business, and PetSmart's leaders have been recognized for their vision and impact. We're incredibly proud of our visionary leadership team, positive impact on the pet industry, and strategic growth and innovation.


Best Consumer Donation Initiative (Gold Halo Award)

PetSmart's philanthropic efforts have been honored with the Gold Halo Award for their consumer donation initiatives through the strong commitment to giving back, consumer involvement in charitable programs, and significant impact on animal welfare organizations.


PetSmart's focus on employee health and wellness has been recognized with the Healthy Arizona Worksite Program award through its comprehensive wellness programs, initiatives to promote healthy lifestyles and support for employee physical and mental health.

As we celebrate these accolades, it's clear that PetSmart's dedication to excellence extends beyond just pet care. They have created an environment where associates can thrive, customers are valued, and communities are strengthened. It's been a winning year for PetSmart, and these awards are just the cherry on top of a very successful 2023.


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