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PetSmart 2021 Interns - The One With The Best Summer Ever

Today marks the final day of our 2021 cohort, and WOW. Just. WOW. This group of talented students presented individual projects that are already being implemented into the business and partnered to propose ideas and concepts for a group project to drive PetSmart's value of United Together.

Throughout this summer, we saw the growth and progression of these young professionals over just ten weeks. To all our PetSmart interns, CONGRATS and THANK YOU for bringing new ideas, curiosity, innovation, and opportunity to PetSmart. Look below at some of the takeaways from our interns AND their managers or mentors they worked alongside this summer.

Want more insight into a PetSmart summer internship? Take a look at some of the highlights and moments below!

From the interns...

"In 10 weeks, I have grown immensely, both personally and professionally. I had the opportunity to present twice to senior leaders across the organization - once individually and with a group pitch for new diversity and sustainability-focused product line. I have nothing but wonderful memories from this internship, and that is all due to the incredible people at PetSmart. I have gained countless role models, mentors and friends who I will never forget." - Kait, Field HR Intern

"Roo and I have been thoroughly enjoying our Internship at PetSmart. He has been working hard testing and giving harsh critiques to concepts and designs I've come up with. On a more serious note, I have learned so much this Summer and enjoyed presenting my final work! This internship has been successful due to SO many people, but I specifically thank the Emerging Talent team for organizing so many different things! Also - my manager has been the absolute best throughout the entire Summer!"

- Reid, Industrial Design Intern

"If I were to chose one word to encompass my time at PetSmart, and the word that continues to echo in my head is empowered. For as big as PetSmart is, I felt so incredibly seen. From the value I brought to the company with my work and my identity and every part of what makes me who I am. I felt celebrated, and there was such success during my time due to the amount of support I received. No matter how busy they were, every individual took the time to lend a hand and cared about our success. My colleagues, now turned into friends, really made the experience that much more enriched. I am so happy I had the opportunity to be part of an amazing program."

- Shahiba, HR intern

"PetSmart has truly gone above and beyond to give me a phenomenal internship experience. Thank you to the Emerging Talent Team for being an amazing resource and ensuring we feel appreciated for our hard work. I am so grateful to intern for a company that would truly do anything for pets, pet parents, and their team."

- Amy, Product Brand Intern

"I want to express gratitude for this opportunity. First off, thank you to my manager for all her support and insight. In addition, thanks to my team for guiding me throughout this process. I’ve learned so much and grown professionally. Finally, thank you to the Emerging Talent Team for all the hard work. The transition online was smooth because of all your hard work. This program would not be the same without your team."

- Christie, Social Media Intern

"I can’t thank my manager and the wonderful Emerging Talent team enough for welcoming me into #lifeatpetsmart with open arms! Ten weeks of collaboration, exploration, and experiencing for myself what makes PetSmart so unique, and I just can’t get enough!"

- Sophia, Brand Marketing Intern

"I couldn’t have chosen a better way to spend my summer! I have been able to meet some AMAZING people! I couldn’t be more proud of PetSmart and my support system there! Thank you to everyone who is so dedicated and enthusiastic about teaching me new tricks! Maya and I loved our summer, and we thank you all for making our experience so special and welcoming."

- Heloisa, Supply Chain Logistics

From the mentors...

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