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PetSmart Charities Achieves Major Milestone & Launches New Branding

PetSmart Charities recently achieved a monumental milestone when it allocated its 500 millionth dollar to an adoption partner in need. And with it, the nonprofit has also launched a completely new brand look. PetSmart Charities is America’s #1 funder of animal welfare and has been supporting homeless pets in need for 28 years.

“Our original logo was well-known for its whimsical spirit. The new logo reflects our journey, featuring bold blue and red colors and a modern font. It’s still playful, just more mature,” said Celeste Calderon, director of customer experience at PetSmart Charities. “And the tagline says it all in just a few words: For Pets. For People. For Good.” Check out their full new look on their website, Facebook or Instagram.

To date PetSmart Charities has:

  • Funded more than $500 million in grants to support adoption, co-lodging for people with pets experiencing homelessness and domestic violence, advanced veterinary education, Animal-Assisted Therapy in children’s hospitals across the country, disaster response and much more.

  • Helped more than 9.5 million animals find loving homes through in-store adoptions with local partners – placing up to 600,000 shelter pets each year.

  • Aligned with more than 2,500 local animal welfare organization (AWO) partners.

  • Donated more than $10 million in pet food (more than 16 million pounds) to local Feeding America affiliates in 2021 to ensure no one has to choose between feeding their pet or feeding themselves.


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