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PetSmart Dental Sweepstakes Winners!

The Benefits Team announced late last year that we would be hosting a sweepstakes for all associates enrolled in the Cigna Dental insurance plan. We saw a dip in 2020 preventive cleanings and we wanted to encourage associates to safely go to the dentist for their free preventive cleanings with a chance to win a sweepstakes prize everyone can smile about!

We had almost 12,000 preventive cleanings in 2020. Eligible associates that received at least one preventive dental cleaning in 2020 were automatically entered to win an electric toothbrush and Bluetooth speaker. We selected 17 winners across all regions, distribution centers, and our home office and thought it would be fun to share the winners!

Look out for more possible chances to win this year!!

“Thank you so much! I have been working so hard on my dental care/work, and have been wanting an electric toothbrush for a while now, and just haven't been able to afford one. This just made my day! Thank you again!!”
– Ariel M.

Check out the list of winners below:

DC 10 – Chad R.

DC 12 – Ralph H.

DC 14 – Paula C.

DC 22 – Shane P.

DC 36 – Elliot B.

DC 38 – Linda S.

DC 41 – Jayme S.

Northeast Region – Lorna P.

Mid-Atlantic Region – Brandi S.

South Region – Kasey H.

Southeast Region – Ariel M.

Midwest Region – Howard U.

Great Lakes Region – Joe C.

Pacific West Region – Sergio B.

California Region – Karen B.

ONP – Tracy K.

PHO – Sandra B.


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