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PetSmart's Lisa Robinson-Davis Reflects On How Boldness Shaped Her Impressive Career

This month, PetSmart associates and professionals from across Phoenix logged in to hear from Lisa Robinson-Davis, Vice President, Quality & Compliance for PetSmart. Part of a monthly webinar series hosted by the Greater Phoenix Chamber’s Professional Women’s Alliance, Lisa’s webinar was titled, Risk & Reward: Following Your Gut up the Corporate Ladder.

Lisa believes twists and turns should be viewed as inflection points. When you reach an inflection point in your career, do you follow the path of least resistance or choose the road less traveled?

During the conversation, Lisa walked through her journey, shared key inflection points and reflected how bold decisions she’s made have shaped an impressive career that’s brought her around the globe.

Inflection point learnings mentioned by Lisa

  • Be open to feedback

  • Don't assume what's worked in the past will always work

  • You can either be comfortable and stagnate, or stretch yourself, become uncomfortable, and grow

  • Trust your gut—your gut wants you to have what you most value

  • Growth and learning will happen throughout your career

  • Lean into your strengths—view them as your brand

  • Assume positive intent

  • Know and commit to what's important to you

Check out some of Lisa's words below!

"Even when your inner self is kicking and screaming because you're comfortable, go on and take that adventure out sometimes to be uncomfortable. If it's right for you and your family, take that trip out to do something different and take the time to grow some more. You're never too late in your career to learn."

"I am so blessed to be with a company that aligns to my values and allows me to flourish."

"You have to ask yourself what's important for you. And for me it's driving value for the business. As long as I feel like I am part of a great team and we're driving towards a bigger cause I don't think in a range of titles that it matters, it's really your impact to the business. You can impact no matter what role you're in."

"At PetSmart, quality and compliance is one really assuring that our products are safe for the pet and the pet parent and that they perform so that they have the performance that's envisioned by our brand and product development teams. We ensure that we work with the right suppliers that are doing the right thing by their employees. We also work in the DCs ensuring that the DCs are safe so that the product stays unadulterated."

"There are lots of opportunities at PetSmart. It is the easiest place Ive ever transitioned to. The team is truly a team and they want everyone to succeed. Please go to the careers website and feel free to apply, we would love to have you. We love great talent."

"I encourage people to focus on what they're strong at. Leverage your strengths."

"Everything happens for a reason."

Missed the livestream? Click here to watch a replay.


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