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PHO Associate, Heidi, Embodies 'Anything For Pets' by Rescuing the Underdogs

Heidi always had a passion for pets since she was young, so naturally, she pursued a career in veterinary technology to work closely with animals.

Within a year of obtaining her first job as a vet tech in New Orleans, she met her husband David, and it was clear they were both committed to doing Anything for Pets. They rescued several companion animals, including a cat named Jax who was hit by a car and needed an adopter to nurse him back to health.

They also rescued a nine-month-old chihuahua named Lily, who was fighting for her life at the hospital and was abandoned by her owner due to medical costs. Over the next year, countless diagnostics were run along with exploratory surgeries, finally concluding that Lily had inflammatory bowel disease. Heidi attempted many medications and explored a variety of pre-made and homemade diets. It was a long road, but Heidi helped turn an emaciated pup’s entire life around. Lily became a healthy, happy part of Heidi’s pack.

They also rescued a retired racetrack greyhound named Spencer, suffering from a fractured pelvis. Several months after the adoption, Spencer began having seizures and was diagnosed with epilepsy. Heidi and David always made sure to stay on top of his medical needs and spoil him with love well into Spencer’s golden years. He was able to live the remainder of his life comfortable and happy in Heidi’s home.

By the time Heidi and David moved to Phoenix nine years ago, their family had grown to six rescued pets (three dogs and three cats) along with their other pets: three tortoises, eight parakeets, and two frogs.

Upon arriving in Phoenix, Heidi began to research career options and stumbled upon a listing for PetSmart as a Pet Health Quality and Education Technical Services Analyst at the Phoenix Home Office. It was the perfect opportunity to use her veterinary technology expertise in another capacity, while also helping the live animals in the PetSmart stores. Since joining PetSmart, Heidi has held a number of positions and is currently a Fixtures and Equipment Project Manager at the Phoenix Home Office.

Heidi’s passion for pets doesn’t stop there. She also volunteers with a local rescue organization, Mini Mighty Mutts. The organization prides itself on helping the “underdog”– those that might be overlooked at the shelter due to medical concerns, disabilities, and age.

Throughout 19 years of marriage, Heidi and David have rescued 11 dogs and three cats, most of which have or had medical concerns or disabilities. Heidi and David have treated immune-mediated disease, had several animals with one eye, had a pet that was completely blind and another who was completely deaf, plus pets with dental disease and toothless smiles, heart and kidney diseases…the list goes on!

“We’ve had people ask how we do it. We don’t have a great answer other than simply saying it is out of love and the willingness to do Anything for Pets,” shares Heidi. “We hope to provide a soft landing for senior animals so they can live their golden years in a quiet home filled with love, while also receiving the critical medical care they need. And when the time comes, to respectfully usher them to the other side with the dignity that all animals deserve.”


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