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Say hey to Neethu - Lead System Engineer at PetSmart & Pet Parent to 7 Parakeets

Neethu has been with PetSmart for over three years and is a pet parent to seven parakeets! She describes her #LifeAtPetSmart as...

  • Full of amazing opportunities 📈✨

  • Good vibes only 😎🐾

  • Aspiring to inspire ❤️

Neethu's parakeets 😊 - Dhoni, Mango, Snowy, Princess, Flamey , Leo and Maxy

Neethu joined the PetSmart pack in October 2019, and since day one as a Senior Tools Administrative Engineer has said, "I know I am in a place where I belong. I have mentors and leaders here in PetSmart who trust me, believe in me, and support my growth." She has been promoted to Lead System Engineer and says, "I feel I have made the right decision by joining PetSmart. There's a saying, 'Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,' That is what I experience here at PetSmart."

Neethu works on the Automation team within PetSmart's Information Technology department. These team members use cutting-edge technology to impact millions of pet parents (and the pets we all love!) and work together to do Anything for Pets. Within her role, Neethu and her team are there to help automate any repetitive tasks. By collaborating with multiple teams, her team helps make multiple processes consistent, faster, flawless, and more! 👍

When we asked about what experiences at PetSmart one may not experience working elsewhere, she mentioned two things: recognition and motivation.

My career at PetSmart provides me a sense of accomplishment and makes me feel valued for my work. I have amazing mentors to guide and support me, and every day at work is an opportunity to contribute to your and the company's growth. You get new challenges and work with cutting-edge technologies. PetSmart has truly molded me into someone with valuable skills and talents.

We love having passionate, talented, and motivated folks like Neethu as part of our pack and think everyone should love what they do and where they do it! Want to learn more about #LifeAtPetSmart in the IT space to check out our open roles? Visit us here.


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