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Supply Chain + Technology = Shannon's Dream Job at PetSmart

Shannon has worked at PetSmart for 15 years across a variety of roles. In her current role as an IT Application Manager, she says, "I have my dream job: Supply Chain + Technology!" and works to help ensure that our Supply Chain can get products into our Pet Parents' hands in the most efficient manner—be that via a store or online order. She says, "Supply chain is ever evolving, and we have some exciting projects coming up! Most people think about buying and selling and don't think about what it took to get the product into the hands of our pet parents. Supply chain is a pivotal part of doing that. 😊"

Check out the lengthy list below to see all of the different roles Shannon has had the opportunity to learn and grow in during her #LifeAtPetSmart. Shannon stated, "I have been supported to move into new areas and roles that most companies wouldn't have taken a chance on me doing."

"PetSmart Information Technology Crew"

Supply Chain Analyst ➡️ Supply Chain Engineer ➡️ Supply Chain Systems Analyst ➡️ Supply Chain Sr. systems Analyst ➡️ Supply Chain Process Lead ➡️ IT Application Analyst ➡️ IT Sr. Application Analyst ➡️ IT Project Manager ➡️ IT Service Manager ➡️ IT Application Manager (her current role!)

In all of those roles over the years, Shannon says #LifeAtPetSmart has been Challenging, Exciting, and Fulfilling. Besides her love of pets (she is a pet parent to 3 pets—Cam: a 4-year-old German Shepherd, Pearl: a 5-month-old Cane Corso, and Hobo: a 12-year-old cat 🥰), she continues to love working at PetSmart because of the culture.

We all know who's really in charge here - the pets!

"I've never worked somewhere that literally conversations will stop mid-sentence when a pet walks by or comes into the room."

- Shannon, IT Application Manager at PetSmart.

When she's not making a difference across our Supply Chain and Technology department, Shannon also serves as co-chair for PetSmart's Associate Resource Group, W.I.S.E—Women Inspiring Strength & Excellence. Shannon says, "I'm passionate about mentoring, sponsoring, supporting, encouraging, and advocating for women at PetSmart." Learn more about W.I.S.E. below and all of the 6 Associate Resource Groups at PetSmart here.

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