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Store 1828 Does Anything For Pets – Including Saving A Loose Dog In The Parking Lot

When our store associates heard there was a loose dog in their parking lot and a pet parent trying to catch it, they immediately jumped into action. The store is near a busy road and they knew the dog could get seriously hurt if it ran into traffic.

Store trainer Vianna G, pet care associate Julio L., and Assistant Store Leader Jesse M. grabbed a lead to help the pet parent. Together, they worked to divert traffic and help warn cars about the loose dog. The associates continued to shadow the scared dog for half a mile until the young, tired husky was safely returned to the pet parent.

Thank you, Store 1828, for your Passion for Pets and People and demonstrating how we will do Anything for Pets.

We want to hear from you! How have YOU done Anything for Pets?

Have you gone above and beyond to help a pet parent at one of our stores? Made homemade food or treats? Reunited a lost pet with their owners? Adopted a senior or special needs pet? Conquered your fear of crickets to serve reptile parents? Volunteered or raised money for a shelter? Associates can share their story on the DISH! Or feel free to fill out the "Share Your Story" prompt above on this site.


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