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Store Leader, Heather, Ensures Her Team Members Know That They Belong

Store Leader, Heather, has been part of #LifeAtPetSmart for 23+ years, and does a FANTASTIC job celebrating PetSmart's spirit of Belonging with her team. She says, "While a lot has changed in my time here, my smile has always remained. I love being able to interact with the community, engage with my incredible team & am absolutely thrilled that even this many years later I am still excited to meet a new pet. I’m incredibly grateful for all the support along the way that has made it all worth it."

Check out just a few ways she exemplifies our value of being #UnitedTogether below.

Mental Health Awareness Month 2022

"Not everyone is comfortable talking about mental health. These conversations can be difficult and show us in such a vulnerable manner. Mental health is not solely based on our triggers, it’s also about our healing, and learning how your team lets go and heals is just as significant. This week’s prompt is so telling of who we are as individual and as a team. It’s going to be a great week!"

Women's History Month 2022

I’m so proud of my team! I feel so fortunate to be able to celebrate in moments like #womenshistorymonth2022 and #internationalwomensday2022. I love seeing how far we have come and appreciate being able to highlight amazing ARG programs like WISE (Women Inspiring Strength & Excellence). Seeing our team rally together together to #breakthebias is so inspiring!

Black History Month 2022

I have enjoyed celebrating Black History Month with my team! Both from the education side, to the conversations! Celebrating our uniqueness, our diversity, our own knowledge of and our personal history is what makes our team so amazing. Building a team willing to celebrate each other delivers nothing but pride!

Random Acts of Kindness Week

Today we kicked off our Random Acts of Kindness week. The team gets to share notes of kindness & gratitude. What a great way to start a week.

Belonging Week 2021

For all the right reasons we talked about those moments that changed our perspective & made a difference. After 22 years I have more than 1 story, but today I shared a change that occurred with our transition to BELONGING, that allowed me to be an ally to my team. I’m thankful for the changes we have made that celebrate our differences as strengths.

Thank you for celebrating and inspiring your team, Heather! You are an amazing leader!


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