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Stylist Showcase: Brittney and Adele

Our Certified Pet Stylists do Anything for Pets. They go through hundreds of hours of training, have the regular customers that can’t wait to see them, and truly help transform pets into healthier, happier, and beautifully groomed versions of their best selves. Get to know a few of our talented Pet Stylists across the company. We’d like to introduce you to Brittney and Adele.

Brittney is a Pet Stylist in Hillsboro, Oregon and has worked for PetSmart 5 years. She has a large client base with some pets needing special attention. Ruby is one of her requests that needs special attention, as Ruby had surgery on her leg a few months ago. Although Ruby’s leg was healed and ready for her spa day again, Brittney wanted to make sure she had extra time with Ruby without distraction. She scheduled Ruby before her regular shift started to ensure she had quality time with her. Even though she had a full day of grooming, doing Anything for Pets is important to her. Brittney goes above and beyond for her pets and pet parents, so they have the best spa day possible. She truly shows her passion for pets and people.

This past June, Pet Stylist Adele in Poland, Ohio was performing her duties as normal. As she was walking through the kennel area, she noticed that Benji, a 15-year-old Mini-Poodle, was in distress. She noted that Benji was having trouble breathing, his tongue had turned blue, was repetitively dry heaving, was excessively drooling, and was overheated. Adele immediately took action and Benji was taken to the vet. Adele’s quick response allowed the vet at Banfield to stabilize Benji after a couple hours. The vet determined that Benji is in congestive heart failure, has a level 2 heart murmur, and has a collapsed trachea. The vet confirmed that each condition was pre-existing, and that Adele’s quick action saved Benji’s life. “When Benji was being checked out of Banfield, I was able to chat with his pet parents. They were extremely grateful for how quickly we took care of Benji. They thanked me repeatedly for my team saving their precious pup.”


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