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Anything for Pets. Everything for you - why #LifeAtPetSmart is a paw above the rest

At PetSmart, we’re more than just a company obsessed with pets; we’re obsessed with our people, too. Our values are rooted in unconditional love—a lesson we learn from our pets—and staying united together.

We’re here for you and your loved ones throughout your #LifeAtPetSmart by offering various tools and resources to support you during your career with us and beyond. We believe when our associates are happy and healthy, they can provide the best possible care for our furry, scaled, and feathery friends while enjoying a work experience that celebrates them as their authentic selves.

When we embrace and appreciate a wide range of people and perspectives, we create an environment where associates can do their best work. PetSmart’s 50K passionate associates are devoted to helping pets and people live their healthiest and happiest lives, creating a culture of belonging that can’t be matched.

PetSmart offers a diverse range of career paths, from retail to corporate, catering to various passions. Associates are able to enjoy comprehensive benefits and a supportive work environment—working at PetSmart means being part of a community that puts pets and their well-being first.

If you're considering a career where you can combine your love for animals with professional growth and a supportive work environment, look no further than PetSmart, a leading name in the pet retail industry. With a motto like "Anything for Pets," this company isn't just about selling pet supplies; it's about creating a better world for pets and pet parents alike. Here's why joining the PetSmart family could be the purr-fect career move for you.

Pick Your Passion At PetSmart, the phrase "pick your passion" isn't just a catchy slogan; it's a reality. Whether you're interested in working directly with animals as a pet trainer or pet groomer, or you're looking for a role in retail, salons, distribution, petshotels, or the pet-friendly corporate office, PetSmart has a place for you. The company values the unique skills and interests of each team member, ensuring that your job aligns with your passions and strengths.

Comprehensive Benefits and Growth When you join our team at PetSmart, you're signing up for more than just a job. You're stepping into a role with comprehensive benefits designed to support you personally and professionally. PetSmart is committed to our associates' well-being, from health insurance to retirement plans, exclusive discounts, and more. Moreover, the company offers numerous opportunities for career advancement, encouraging team members to grow within #LifeAtPetSmart. Explore all benefits here:

A Community That Cares One of the most compelling reasons to work at PetSmart is the sense of community and shared purpose. Associates are united by a common goal: to improve the lives of pets and their families. This creates a work environment filled with compassion and camaraderie, where everyone is working towards something bigger than themselves. It's not just about clocking in and out; it's about making a difference in the lives of pets every day.

Innovation and Impact PetSmart is at the forefront of innovation in the pet industry. By working here, you'll be part of a team constantly looking for new ways to enhance the pet parent experience, whether through state-of-the-art petshotels or cutting-edge products in stores. Your work will directly impact the well-being of pets and the satisfaction of pet parents, making your role both challenging and rewarding.

Choosing a career at PetSmart means more than just earning a paycheck. It's about finding a place where your love for animals and your professional aspirations align. With opportunities to pick your passion, enjoy comprehensive benefits, and be part of a caring community, PetSmart stands out as a great career choice for animal lovers and ambitious professionals alike. Embrace the #LifeAtPetSmart and discover a fulfilling career that makes a real difference.

What kind of career opportunities does PetSmart offer? PetSmart offers a wide range of career paths, including roles in retail, salons, distribution centers, corporate offices, pets hotels, and positions for pet trainers. There's a place for every passion at PetSmart.

Does PetSmart provide opportunities for career advancement? Absolutely! PetSmart believes in nurturing the growth of its associates, offering various training programs, and promoting from within whenever possible. The company's comprehensive benefits and supportive environment are designed to help you thrive and advance in your career.

What makes PetSmart a unique place to work? PetSmart's commitment to pets and their well-being sets it apart. Associates are part of a community that's dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of pets and their families. The company's innovative approach and compassionate culture make it a unique and rewarding place to work.

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han gu
Jun 05

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