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Beth and her Family Relocate to Phoenix to Live #LifeAtPetSmart to the Fullest

Near the end of last year, Beth joined #LifeAtPetSmart as VP of Transportation. And early this year, she and her family traded their cowboy hats for cactuses and moved from the suburbs of North Dallas, Texas, to sunny Phoenix, Arizona! Come along to see how their journey went and what Beth thinks about working at PetSmart. 🤠🌵

The moving truck has arrived!

Our move was fast and furious! Within two months, our entire life was packed up and headed for the Valley. It was bittersweet, as we were very excited for the new adventure, but it was tough to leave our friends and life that we built in Texas behind. Once the house and cars were packed up, we had a direct flight from Dallas to Phoenix.

Beth's daughter Ayla was a great traveler!

The journey to our new home was a series of hotel stays and flights to arrive in Phoenix. The whole family was excited about the outdoor activity, beautiful views, and fresh air—but nervous about the upcoming summer heat! (Don't worry, Beth, it's a dry heat! ☀️)

While house hunting for about 2 months, we stayed in an apartment in the Desert Ridge area - and we fell in love! ❤️ We were able to spend the weekends' house hunting, cooking dinners, working on puzzles as a family, and most importantly - exploring trails and going on family hikes! Our favorite so far has been Tom Thumb - but we haven't quite made it to the top yet - a 4-year-old makes that a challenge, but we will make it soon! ⛰️ Our daughter loves the change of scenery and learning about and looking at all of the different types of cacti.

So far, a favorite part has been the weather—but my answer might be different come July or August. 😉 PetSmart was wonderful during the move - everyone involved helped with recommendations and advice and shared personal experiences to assist us with our move and decisions. Everyone went above and beyond to make us feel welcome!

Beth at PHO!

Now that Beth and her family have settled in Phoenix, Beth lives #LifeAtPetSmart to the fullest! (And her daughter, Ayla, who is "obsessed with guinea pigs, LOVES seeing pics of Mom at the office." 🥰)

Beth describes working at PetSmart as

engaging, rewarding, and collaborative and helps to do Anything for Pets within our Supply Chain department.

The Supply Chain is a competitive advantage for PetSmart - we ensure that pet parents have access to the products that they need (in our stores or online) when they need them. Ultimately bringing pet parents closer to their pets! ❤️

My career has always been in Transportation, but I didn't have a retail background. Early in my career, I had the pleasure of working with the PetSmart team as a provider, and the people always stood out to me. The sense of belonging, passion, and communication within the teams at PetSmart was apparent - even from the outside! And, of course - my love for pets. 😊

And while you can't help but smile when you walk around the office and see dogs napping, kittens playing, and colorful fish, it's the people who make PetSmart so great!

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