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Celebrating Women of PetSmart: Monica Hubbard

We're excited to highlight some of PetSmart's incredible women! 🥳 Did you know that approximately 76% of PetSmart associates are female? Of that 76%, nearly 65% are in leadership roles, driving our business forward each and every day. When women excel, PetSmart excels, so we’re excited to celebrate our female colleagues and their accomplishments and share some of their advice for other women at PetSmart.

Today, we're highlighting Monica Hubbard, Senior Vice President, U.S. Stores. Monica joined PetSmart in 2016 as Regional Vice President, Northeast, building strong, high-performing teams across our field organization. 


With over 25 years of retail operations experience, Monica is equally dedicated to advancing careers through mentorship, fostering professional development, and empowering growth for her teams as she drives strong business results. 

Monica's Advice:

  • Lead with purpose, commit to excellence, cultivate talent, deliver needed outcomes, and be a leader worth emulating. Always remember that success often demands confronting and overcoming repeated obstacles, and trust that consistent effort yields rewards. 

  • Be coachable, accept help, seek targeted feedback, don’t choose an “easy/likely” mentor, and make self-improvement part of your work week. Surround yourself with a diverse, high-capacity team that will challenge you to be on your “A” game daily.

  • Having safe spaces to reset, reframe, and refresh perspective is critical. Maintain strong relationships that provide a judgment-free opportunity to be vulnerable, where emotion can be freed, the unvarnished truth can be shared, and focus can be reestablished.  


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