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Congrats To Our Top 100 Stores In Speciality

Celebrating Top Performers -The Specialty Merchandising and Store Ops teams are recognizing the Top 100 performing stores across the business, all of whom have been successful during this challenging environment.

Winning in Specialty requires high-touch interactions in the stores, strong diligence on Pet Health for our in-store pets and a clear awareness on newness coming into stores, as well as solution-based knowledge to ensure our Pet Parents succeed in Specialty hobbies. These top performing stores set the bar in all key areas, and truly leveraged Specialty to be the differentiator for the total store.

Each of the Top 100 stores recognized have received a certificate that they can proudly display in their store front or break rooms. In addition, the Top 5 stores have received PlayUp points.

Hearing from Store 502, our Top Performing Store in Specialty

Q: Given the challenges that the past year has presented for store teams, how do you think your store has been able to maintain exceptional Specialty sales?

A: We all support one another. We hire passionate pet parents and place them in the right positions that match their characteristics. We conduct morning huddles, have touch bases to check-in on our associates and constant open communication. Communication helps build trust and comfortability, which has a domino effect on how well they do and how bright they shine. We have 2 amazing cashiers who greet and check people out. That’s all they do because that’s what they love to do and they’re good at it. So, we keep them where they are most comfortable and do well.

Q: Achieving Top 100 Specialty sales is amazing! How do you keep your associates engaged to produce such great results while also maintaining pet care standards?

A: We provide support for all the associates and they provide it for each other. Supporting our team ensures that they are always taken care of and heard. Whether it be personal, or store related we are all here for one another. The foundation is maintaining the open line of communication with one another.

Q: What methods do you use to educate your associates to be the expert and Trusted Partner to pet parents?

A: We are all observant of each other and hold one another accountable. If I see someone is weak in a specific area, we provide constant training. We will do what we need to do to help the associate feel comfortable. We will watch videos, provide education or mentor– whatever it takes.

Q: Any additional advice for our PetSmart associates?

A: “Be a good team member, be present for one another and help out wherever you can. Just do the right thing!” – Christopher S., Store 502

Thank You

“These Top 100 stores truly embodied not only PetSmart’s values, but their focus on Specialty as a differentiator has boosted their success as a total store,” said Brad Stoneberger, VP Specialty Merchandising and Pet Health “Many thanks and congratulations to all our Top 100 Specialty stores. It’s such an honor to work with all of you!”


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