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PetSmart Home Office Wins Gold for Health Initiatives!

Steve, Bruce, and Bigs pictured here are having fun at our Phoenix Home Office dog park and are excited to share that PetSmart Home Office has earned the Gold Award for our exceptional, data-driven worksite health initiatives. Thanks to the Healthy Arizona Worksites Program (HAWP), we’ve been recognized for our commitment to workplace wellness.

How We Achieved Gold-Level Success:

  • Worksite Health Trained: Our team is skilled in promoting a healthy workplace.

  • Leadership Support: Strong backing from our leadership.

  • Wellness Champion/Team: A dedicated squad promoting daily wellness.

  • CDC Worksite Health Scorecard: Utilizing CDC tools to measure success.

  • Worksite Health Improvement Plan (WHIP): A solid, guiding plan.

  • Budget: Investing in health with ample resources.

  • Benefit and Policy Integration: Health programs are integral to our policies.

Here’s to a healthy, happy #LifeAtPetSmart! Check out the full list of winners here.

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Maggie Lindsey
Maggie Lindsey
4 days ago

This recognition highlights PetSmart's commitment to promoting health and wellness among its employees, setting a high standard in workplace wellness programs.

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