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Daley, PetSmart Intern, Reflects on her #LifeAtPetSmart

Ever dreamt of getting your work featured in a national magazine or diving into the world of planning and running cool PR campaigns? Well, say hi to Daley! She rocked the scene as our Corporate Communications and PR Intern at PetSmart last summer.

Working alongside her manager, Daley created a media plan that let her take charge of a whole PR campaign – from the initial spark of an idea to the grand finish. She got some serious real-world PR experience, and the best part? Besides rocking her PR role, Daley got to peek into other nooks of the Communications department. PetSmart's leadership encouraged Daley and the other interns to explore different areas of the company, pick up new skills through side projects, and network with the seasoned pros.

Her favorite part of the internship was getting to explore not only her role in Public Relations but other areas of the Communications department as well. Leadership encouraged her (and other interns) to explore other areas of the company to learn and gain experience through side projects and discussions with professionals.  


She knew she Belonged at PetSmart because "everyone I interacted with was accepting, welcoming, and more than willing to help and support me." Aside from her love of pets, she was happy with her internship choice because of the culture and community found here at PetSmart! 


When we asked what advice Daley has for someone interested in an internship at PetSmart, she mentioned the following: 

"Just go for it! I was hesitant to take this internship at first because I’d never been to Arizona. Now I don’t know why I never visited the state and I’ve learned countless lessons both personally and professionally along the way." 


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