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Did You Know? CSR Edition: Empowered People

We're committed to investing in the advancement of our associates and communities.

The second pillar of our CSR framework is Empowered People. This section of the report highlights our commitment to empower each one of our 50,000+ associates to pursue a healthy, fulfilling life and career with us. Did you know? Financial support to associates through the PetSmart Associate Assistance Foundation (PAAF), funded by the company and associates, was doubled, bringing total support to $6 million in grants for more than 4,500 associates since the program’s inception. We provide nearly 10,000 hours of paid-time-off for associate volunteer time, delivering hundreds of thousands of dollars in value of volunteerism to communities. We also work to create an environment of inclusivity, not just for our associates, but also our suppliers. PetSmart has invested nearly $50 million in spending with diverse suppliers including minority and women-owned businesses. Want to learn more? Download our full CSR report by clicking the image below.

Looking to learn more about PAAF?

Unplanned expenses can blindside you at any moment. Unexpected disasters can strike at exactly the worst time. Hardships can happen to anyone.

That's exactly why PAAF is here to help.

The PetSmart Associate Assistance Foundation (PAAF) provides financial assistance and emergency resources to associates in need. We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization within PetSmart, focused solely on supporting the associates who need us most.

PAAF is largely funded by the generous donations of PetSmart associates to directly help their fellow associates in need. Since 2011, PAAF has provided over $3 million to help more than 3,000 PetSmart associates experiencing hardship. In the face of the pandemic, PetSmart donated $1 million to PAAF to help even more associates turn that hardship into hope.

The Foundation can typically assist with these eligible expenses:

  • Shelter (rent, mortgage, hotel, motel, etc.)

  • Food and basic essentials

  • Utilities (gas, water, and electric ONLY)

  • Necessary home repairs, I.e. water leak, ac/heater, roof

  • Insurance deductible (renters or homeowners)

  • Funeral arrangements

Below are some examples of the most commonly requested ineligible expenses:

  • Vehicle expenses, i.e. repairs, car payments, insurance, registrations, down payment for a new car

  • Medical expenses, i.e. co-pays, medications, insurance premiums, hospital bills, etc.

  • Pet expenses, i.e. vet bills, food, care, etc.

  • Credit card debt

  • Home purchases, i.e. down payment on new home

  • Non-essential utility bills, i.e. phone, internet, cable, cell phone

  • Loans, i.e. payday loans, personal loans, money borrowed from friends/family

Need help? Ask your leader how to apply.


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