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Celebrating our Circle of Excellence winners

Each year, PetSmart hosts Circle of Excellence, an event to celebrate our top performing leaders. The exclusive Circle of Excellence distinction is reserved for PetSmart’s top 5% store and district leaders. The dedication it takes to earn a spot at COE requires daily focus and leadership. These leaders motivate and inspire their teams and apply best demonstrated practices to achieve great results while helping PetSmart become a truly great pet specialty retailer.


Noel, 5 years with PetSmart

"The Circle of Excellence gave us the opportunity to harness the strength of our TEAM. We operate in the platform ‘No person gets left behind.’ Every single team member in our store understands, contributes and is passionate about reaching our goal. My favorite PetSmart moments are adoption events. When you see a customer’s face light up when they connect with their new best friend. In that brief moment, they forget their personal worries and nothing else matters. I am happy to be able to provide that experience. THIS IS A COOL JOB.”

Michelle, 9 years with PetSmart

"My associates and my customers drive me. I love to see happy faces. Seeing people who love coming to work as a team. In these challenging times, it always feels better to be in the presence of people working for a common goal, knowing we have each other’s backs. I do enjoy when customers come in knowing that PetSmart is different from any other retailer they visit. They know they will see smiles, people willing to help, and we will have their product in stock. I’ve worked for a few retailers, but only at PetSmart do you learn your customer’s life stories. Also, it’s really cool as you see their kids grow up and their dogs mature. When you remember Bobby when he was ‘this tall.’ Or when you remember when Brutus just got rescued and he was only 3 pounds, and now he’s a few years older and weighs 22!”

Paulina, 10 years with PetSmart

“Circle of Excellence is an amazing way to be recognized for the hard work achieved all year by my amazing team. Each day, Team 2400 drives me to do better, be better, and to work harder, and I could not be more proud to lead this team! This was not a last-minute race to lock in our success, but, rather, a yearlong ride of consistently being a top store in the company. With over 50 years of combined PetSmart leadership experience represented, COE was the perfect way to seal up 2019.”

Randall, 5 years with PetSmart

“There have been several interesting moments here at PetSmart. One in particular: This very nice older lady (Susan) was having issues with new puppy. She was getting frustrated and felt she was just going to send the dog back to the shelter because she could not handle everything the puppy was doing. Her older dog had passed away, and she was trying to replace him … not fully considering that this was going to be a large commitment and was going to take a lot of her energy. We got her set up with treats, toys, puppy guide, and training classes to work on fixing his issues. She has become a regular, and she always appreciates everything we do for her. We were pleased to have saved her dog’s life and are very happy that Susan kept her dog, as he is a great companion for her. We love seeing them come in the store. It gives us a sense of satisfaction that we played a part in both of their happy lives.”

Javier, 23 years with PetSmart

“COE means our hard work and dedication has paid off. I come to and leave work every day knowing I have an entire team that backs me up and has come together with the same vision—ready to make it happen for our pet parents and their pets—and that’s who deserves all the credit. I’ve been with PetSmart for 23 years, and my best PetSmart moment is knowing that I am not in retail, I am in the People Business. When I see ex-employees come in to say hi—people I hired and gave their first job and are now successful in life—and tell me I made a difference in their lives … that’s one of the things that drives me to be successful in my store.”

Donna, 11 years with PetSmart

“My team inspires me to be a strong leader every day! We set our sights on the Circle of Excellence award, and we never took our eye off the prize. My entire team plays to win, and we inspire each other to be the best and to do our best! I have been with PetSmart for 11 years, and I have always been passionate about my people, thanking them daily for making PetSmart great! Each leader and each associate have a specific strength. Each strength is essential to the success of the team. Thank you for recognizing the dedication, commitment, and teamwork that delivered our COE results!”


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