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Hear some W.I.S.E. words from Shannon, IT Service Desk and Operations Manager

Shannon, IT Service Desk Manager and Operations Manager for W.I.S.E., has spent over 12 years with PetSmart. She tells us about the Associate Resource Group, W.I.S.E., and shares a few takeaways she's learned from meetings.


Women Inspiring Strength & Excellence (W.I.S.E.). W.I.S.E. gathers associates with an interest in advancing women’s career growth at PetSmart. Members get the opportunity to network and attend leadership-focused educational events.

W.I.S.E. fosters a culture that values the advancement of women. When women excel, PetSmart excels. Although the meetings look a bit different right now, we love that we are still able to meet,

connect, and learn virtually.


Why do you enjoy being part of WISE and the support it provides?

Shannon: We get the opportunity to connect with other strong women; help to support them in their growth both personally and professionally and to give them a more powerful voice.


What are some insights you've taken away from W.I.S.E. meetings?

Shannon: Events that W.I.S.E. puts on really do bring us together; they encourage sharing, honesty, supporting each other, and bringing your authentic self. We all have a voice that wants to be heard, and with events like this, our voices are heard and encouraged with a supportive network. So far, we've celebrated International Women's Day, Women's Health Month, Women at PetSmart with some wonderful events, and look forward to celebrating more!


Here are a few takeaways from W.I.S.E. members

  • Appreciate the moment and be present versus always looking to what is coming next

  • Being resilient and adaptable are critical in our professional and personal lives (which has basically been the motto of 2020)

  • Connecting with others reminds us that we are not alone in all of this craziness

  • Caring for yourself is important, do things that make you happy, and recognize the good things that are happening around you


If you're curious about what a W.I.S.E. meeting looks like, here's an overview of a recent meeting!

  • Introduction

  • Watch TedTalk The Happy Secret to Better Work

  • Discuss as a group the below questions

    • Have you experienced meeting a goal and then the goal post is moved?

    • Think about a time that you were super excited or happy about something (like the Harvard story), and you turned into a negative or unsuccessful situation. What lessons have you learned?

    • Who has an example of using the below to maintain happiness? Or do you do something else not listed?

3 gratitude's, Journaling, Exercise, Meditation, Random acts of kindness

  • Can you think of a time where your own personal results might have fallen outside of the curve and now with this new lens of positivity, can see how that difference could be impactful?

  • Raffle

  • Closing

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