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Heidi and Gatsby Find Each Other Thanks to PetSmart Charities

The greatest gifts often come when you least expect them. 🐾 Meet Gatsby, a six-year-old blind and deaf rescue, and his mom, Heidi!

When Heidi, PetSmart Charities Director of Pet Placement Initiatives, met Gatsby through our partners, Arizona Animal Welfare League, it was love at first snuggle. 🥰

It's not unusual for Heidi to find herself surrounded by adoptable pets, so when she met Gatsby, she sent her friend a video and suggested that she come and meet him. She soon realized Gatsby might be the one for her.

Now, Gatsby lives in Phoenix with Heidi and his pup brother, Kemper. He even visits the PetSmart Charities office often and loves saying 'hi' to everyone!

"What Gatsby has reinforced for me is they are special in their own way, and sometimes it takes more work to gain their trust, but once you do, that bond is like nothing you will ever know," says Heidi.

PetSmart Charities is proud to support pets in their community at adoption events at PetSmart locations around the country. We continue to encourage people to adopt and spread the word about pets in need, so we can keep giving pets like Gatsby a second chance at a better life. ❤️


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