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Love in #LifeAtPetSmart - How Two Associates Found Each Other and Forever Happiness at PetSmart

Meet Demi and "John from PetSmart"—former PetSmart associates and now newlyweds! They met while working at PetSmart close to 9 years ago, and we're so happy that they found each other and even nodded to their #LifeAtPetSmart on their special day. Ready for a doggone great love story? Check out Demi and John's journey together below!

Demi's #LifeAtPetSmart began first. She started as a cashier, then worked in Pet Care, then eventually transitioned over to become a bather in the PetSmart Grooming Salon. She met John when she was working in Pet Care—he started as a cashier and then eventually moved over to work in the PetsHotel Doggie Day Camp. When he began his job at PetSmart, his first introduction to his future wife began with her "immediately putting him to work and got him to move some heavy boxes of stock"—Demi doesn't remember this, but it probably happened. 😂

Whenever the cash registers were busy, Demi came to assist her teammates in the store, so got to know John during those times as they talked often. Once, as John was taking old sales stickers off shelves, Demi offered to help. He mentioned that he owed her a coffee for helping but then "later messaged Demi on Facebook and asked how she would feel about dinner instead—and the rest is history! When they first started dating, Demi's friends dubbed John, "John from PetSmart," and it stuck as his nickname for several years." 🤭❤️

Almost 9 years later, three pets, (two adopted from adoption events at PetSmart!) and a wedding later! PetSmart is where their family began, and somewhere they still love and bring the dogs often. 🐶🐱🐶

As for the memorable wedding photos, Demi said, "When we were preparing for the wedding, I knew I wanted a photo with our name tags, and I had kept them all those years. I thought I knew where they were, so I put off looking for them. Of course, we moved, and I misplaced them. I tore our whole house apart trying to find them because they meant so much to me. A lot of tears were shed, we considered going to our local store and asking for two to borrow, but I ended up finding them! "John from PetSmart" was even referenced in several speeches at the wedding."

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Sep 29, 2023

What a touching story! I met my husband at work too - we worked together in a webagentur frankfurt.

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