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Meet Emily, Senior Site Merchandiser, 3 years with PetSmart

Emily started with PetSmart as a Digital Merchandising & Planning Intern and came back to start her #LifeAtPetSmart full-time after she graduated from undergrad. After spending her first year in the Marketing Rotation Program working across 4 teams within Customer Experience and Digital, she was placed on the Digital team in a role dedicated to managing and executing marketing content across and the app. After spending some time in that role, she transitioned into her current role as a Sr. Site Merchandiser! Learn more about her #LifeAtPetSmart in the digital space below!

Emily, Senior Site Merchandiser at PetSmart

What kinds of work do you do?

As a site merchandiser, my day-to-day can look like curating assortments, implementing new content, and improving navigational experiences. We’re constantly collaborating with other teams both within and outside of Digital to strategize and bring best-in-class experiences to life.

Tell us something cool about #LifeAtPetSmart in digital.

PetSmart’s digital team is in a really cool era of transforming the way we do business and deliver customer experiences. If you’re looking for a job that will challenge you but let you bring your own thoughts and ideas to the table and collaborate cross-functionally to problem solve, this is the right gig for you.

What kinds of soft skills are helpful in the digital world?

Communication, learning agility, change agility, and a good sense of humor 😊

Can you tell us a bit about the leadership team at PetSmart in digital?

The digital leadership team at PetSmart is forward thinking and collaborative across the business. They also understand that everyone brings a unique and valuable perspective to the table and support new ideas, empowering the team to create the best digital experience possible for our customers.

What are 3 things that you love about #LifeAtPetSmart?

  1. The people – my team and the folks I work closely with cross-functionally are awesome, to say the least. They’re supportive, fun, and always willing to teach you something new.

  2. My role – I’m really passionate about the work that I do, and there’s a lot of growth opportunities so I’m constantly learning new things.

  3. Pets – I’m passionate about pets and so is everyone I work with. It’s a special thing to be able to spend your day working for pets while sitting next to your own (or a coworker’s).

Finish the sentence: You know you work at PetSmart when….

Pets – and I mean all kinds of pets – everywhere, always. Pets are very much welcomed in the office, and it was a regular part of my pre-pandemic day to mosey around and visit all my favorite furry or scaled friends. While working from home, I still get to see them in special appearances on video.

What sorts of roles are available for those interested in growing their digital career at PetSmart?

There are lots of different kinds of roles that make up the Digital team – Merchandising, UX/UI, Front-end Development, Product Management, Analytics, OMNI Strategy, to name a few.

What sort of people would be great additions to the digital team at PetSmart?

Anybody who is passionate about pets, is driven to make an impact, and excited to transform digital experiences would make a great fit for the team!

Make an impact with us on our digital team! Apply for open roles at


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