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PetSmart Asia Sourcing Offices Celebrate Belonging Week!

This week, our Asia Sourcing Offices celebrated Belonging Week - complete with matching balloon decorations! If this feels like déjà vu, you're not wrong. 😉 Due to holidays and scheduling, our Shanghai and Hong Kong teams celebrate in May.

It's part of our "freedom in the framework" concept. While we celebrate specific milestones at certain times of the year, we know that there are celebrations happening every day and at different times throughout the year, depending on region or topic. To support associates wherever they are and whenever they celebrate, we provide freedom in the framework to use the materials when it makes the most sense. That's what Belonging is all about; connecting to each associate at the times that are most meaningful to them.

Here's an excerpt from the celebration:

"Through leveraging the Bingo activity, a lot of our associates were using those mini-games to bring closer connections with others. And we have also leveraged those Ted-Talk materials as provided for smaller group discussions that aid inspiration, sharing opinions, and bringing deeper conversations on value. Mixing both the Shanghai team and Hong Kong team together through different forms of activity. We have also taken the opportunity to mirror the balloon setup at Phoenix, setting a similar layout for team photos. Associates were encouraged to bring their pet into the office and join our fun day too..."

Thank you to our Asia Sourcing Offices for building a culture of Belonging and encouraging teams to celebrate in ways that are meaningful to each associate. ❤️


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