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PetSmart Scholarship Foundation Recipient Story: Kaleigh

The PetSmart Scholarship Program applications for the 2024 - 2025 school year are now open to PetSmart associates and their dependents.

What are past scholarship recipients saying? Let’s hear from Kaleigh Holguin, Pet Care Specialist from store #112 in Long Beach, CA.

“Being chosen to receive the PetSmart Scholarship was an amazing honor and achievement. I have worked at PetSmart for over five years and have always been grateful for the opportunities this job has provided me and to be chosen was a blessing for myself and my family.


Not only was this an achievement for myself, but my fellow PetSmart coworkers were immensely proud of me, and we all shared in celebrating the achievement for our store.


Being in college is a financial struggle that I am sure everyone can relate to. Because of this scholarship I was able to graduate debt free and earned my Bachelor of Science Degree in Marine Biology from California State University, Long Beach! “


Way to go, Kaleigh! 


These programs are just one of many ways PetSmart invests in associate growth. For more information and full eligibility details, please visit the PetSmart Scholarship Foundation page on our benefits site.


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