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Stuff to smile about - what's new in #LifeAtPetSmart

We hope this finds you well and ready to share a smile! 😊 At PetSmart, we're all about spreading joy and positivity, and today, we're thrilled to bring you some delightful updates that will surely bring a grin to your face.


From heartwarming stories to fun and innovative initiatives, everyone can enjoy something here! Without further ado, let's dive into the joy:


We're thrilled to celebrate Dee and Herb! 🥳🥳 What are we celebrating?! TWENTY-FIVE years of #LifeAtPetSmart! 👏 We appreciate all that you have done and continue to do for pets and people alike, we are so lucky to have you both in our pack. Congratulations!


Maxine 🤝 #LifeAtPetSmart She had a great first day at the Phoenix Home Office and even got to lend a paw in the mailroom. ☺️


Hooray for Dr. Gina and the Pawbridge Partners! 🎉 They celebrated the grand opening of their PetSmart Veterinary Services location and we're thrilled to support their practice and provide top-notch care to pets and peace of mind to pet parents.

offers a unique ownership model, providing vets with control over their practice with added support, so they can dedicate more time to care. Learn more about how PetSmart can help vets live their dream and own a veterinary hospital here.


Cheers to 30 years of PetSmart Charities! 🎉 Together, we've created nearly 11 million happy families through pet adoption and contributed more than $500 million to transformative organizations, creating a brighter future for pets everywhere. Since 1994, the love and kindness of the incredible supporters of PetSmart Charities have been the foundation of the countless lives touched and the possibilities provided for pets in need.


Happy graduation day 👩🎓 Congratulations are in order for Mariah. Ashley. Lena. Aaliyah. Kaitlyn. Alex on their last day of Grooming Academy! 🎉


🌟 Exciting News Alert! Introducing 'Provide'—PetSmart's newest Associate Resource Group (ARG). 🫶 Each of PetSmart's seven ARGs serves as a group of associates who share a common purpose, interest, or background to develop opportunities for their members. Our newest group, Provide, aims to educate and inspire all PetSmart parents and caregivers and help support them in their quest to succeed both personally and professionally. 

Learn more about each of PetSmart's ARGs here.


Join #LifeAtPetSmart! Visit us and explore opportunities at 😊


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