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Stylist Showcase: Kam and Justine

Our Certified Pet Stylists do Anything for Pets. They go through hundreds of hours of training, have the regular customers that can’t wait to see them, and truly help transform pets into healthier, happier, and beautifully groomed versions of their best selves. Get to know a few of our talented Pet Stylists across the company. We’d like to introduce you to Kam and Justine.

Kam, Grooming for 18 years

Kam is a super star senior pet stylist that has been with PetSmart for about 18 years. Her Salon Leader describes her as kind, funny and such a hard worker.

“Her personality is CONTAGIOUS!! Kam comes into the salon every single day with a smile on her face and ready to work. She is amazing with the customers and everyone loves her. Even though Kam has a huge clientele of her own, she treats every customer the same. Kam helps me lead my team by holding her co-workers accountable and she is always quick to lend a helping hand no matter what. She is a true team player and such an amazing asset to our team! I would say without a doubt she continuously goes above and beyond for me, our customers, our team and PetSmart!”

Justine, Grooming for 10 years

Justine is known for her positive and upbeat personality. She connects well with both the pets and pet parents. She’s also identified multiple health concerns with pets over the years that Pet Parents weren’t yet aware of which led to treatment before their health declined further.

One instance was a few years ago where she noticed a lump on a dog’s jaw named Charlie. It was discovered to be cancer and the pet parent appreciated Justine’s diligence. That pet parent became a request client from that day on. Even more recently, Justine noticed a Yorkie she was working on was really out of sorts and rushed him to the vet. An X-ray revealed that the pup had an enlarged heart. The pet parent was so grateful this was discovered. Justine truly has a passion for pets and people!

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Aug 19, 2021

her personality is very good, I would say without a doubt she continuously a very good person.

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