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Stylist Spotlight: Ashley - 19 years with PetSmart

Meet Ashley, a former groomer and now Salon Quality Education Leader at PetSmart. She's been a VERY valuable part of the pack since 2002 and gives us the 411 on her journey through #LifeAtPetSmart and the PetSmart Grooming Team while sharing a few of her favorite stories! Learn why #PetSmartGrooming is a cut above the rest below!

Ashley's been with PetSmart since high school, and now helps to lead the education quality programs for salons. As a career that came naturally to her, we're so glad she decided to grow her career with us and LOVE the impact she's had on our PetSmart groomers.


"The thing I love most about my job is the connection you see between the pet and the pet parent. There's nothing more satisfying than seeing a pet recognize their owner and the owner get super excited, and you know that by having them clean and well-groomed that you were able to build that connection."

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