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Stylist Spotlight: Jenna - 12 years with PetSmart

Meet Jenna, a PetSmart grooming salon District Academy Trainer. Listen to her salon #LifeAtPetSmart journey and how she goes out of her way to learn as much as she can about different dog grooming styles and loves to share all that she's learned with fellow pet groomers. Jenna also chats about being a District Academy Trainer and how she grew her career from a PetSmart groomer to get there.You won't want to miss it!

Jenna has been a District Academy Trainer with PetSmart for the past 11 years and truly loves helping fellow groomers learn and grow. When your pet comes in for a grooming service, they get a hands on grooming assessment of their skin, coat, ears, nails and teeth. This gives groomers, like Jenna, the opportunity to check in and potentially help identify health issues in your pet to help your pets live long and happy lives.

"I really think all PetSmart groomers think of the dogs that they work on as their own. We build a really cool connection with your pets for sure."

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