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Stylist Spotlight: Jessica - 13 years with PetSmart

Meet Jessica, a PetSmart Regional Quality and Education Manager for our grooming salons. She's been grooming and growing with us for 13 years and while she started out pursuing a career in culinary arts, the pet grooming industry won her over. She talks about loving #LifeAtPetSmart in our salons and connecting with pet parents. You'll definitely want to HAIR what she has to say!

Jessica's professional journey with PetSmart grooming has allowed her to work on all sorts of coat types with furminator grooming tools - from short haired to long haired to everything in between!

"There's something to be said about a company that has a mission and vision statement that is all around pets and taking care of pets and pet parents. You really get to see that with all of the associates. It's top down, it's really, truly inspiring and it keeps me going to work every day."

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